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What to use to fill nail holes in trim

What is the best product to use to fill nail holes in trim

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Posted 2013-12-28T15:28:16+0000  by FJD FJD

Hey FJD,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


If the trim is wood, using wood putty is great for matching up and filling those holes so that you get that clean look again.


3.75 oz. Red Mahogany Wood Putty

Simply come into your nearest Home Depot and grab a container of it in the color that best matches your trim.


Anything larger than a nailhole is better to have it filled with wood filler. This differs in the putty since most wood fillers have actual cellulose (the material that makes wood...wood) so it dries harder and is more effective than putty.

Use a rag for cleanup, and don't let the excessive putty/filler dry on unwanted areas. Stop into your local Home Depot, and we will have these for you.


Let me know if you have any further questions,


Posted 2013-12-28T17:32:22+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL

Since you're other question asked about prepping for paint, I'm going to assume painted trim.  If you have stained wood trim, try to find a color matched putty.  You can mix two colors if necessary.


I've used a number of wood fillers and the biggest problem is finding something that doesn't shrink and isn't hard to sand.  The last time I used DAP's latex wood filler and while it didn't shrink it was hard to sand.  Some suggest using vinyl spackle.  I'm going to try that next time.

Posted 2013-12-29T03:21:18+0000  by Adam444


Wood putty's singular use is for filling nail holes and miter gaps AFTER the wood has been stained and the first coat of varnish has been applied.  If it is used on raw wood or stained and unsealed wood, the oil will get into the grain and a permanent smudge will result.


Often it is neccessary to mix two or three putty colors because of the grain coloration of the wood. This is most often found on wild grained woods such as pine.


Oil putties should not be used to fill holes which are to be finish coated with latex paint. The oils can leech to the surface and cause discolored spots.


Stainable wood fillers are intended for filling wood before it is stained. I am personally not a great fan of them as they rarely take stain in the same fashion as wood. Also, being water based, the risk is of opening the grain around the filled area, again resulting in the stain going darker in those areas.


When filling holes in painted woodwork, simple pre-mixed vinyl spackling compound works fine. It can be applied slightly high, allowing it to be lightly sanded smooth when dry. The small hole size and the relatively sealed state of vinyl patching materials means they will not "flash" and show through a single finish coat.


If filling nail holes and gaps in raw wood, simple drywall compound can also be used. It sands very easily. Such filled holes will be sealed by the first coat of primer.

Posted 2013-12-29T05:24:25+0000  by ordjen
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