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What tree is this?

What tree is this? How do I cut it to make it look better? Thanks!

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Posted 2015-08-16T19:00:04+0000  by Mike11 Mike11

                                                                                                Gold-tip Juniper

Greetings Mike11,

Thanks for the question and the photo!

My first gut reaction to your question was that the  tree in question is a form of juniper, but could it be a some form of a cypress?

The image is a bit distorted so I have a few guesses, and I am sure my team members will chime in on your question as well.

It looks to me that your tree was originally a standard form topiary that may have just gotten out of hand; the landscape spot- light is also a hint. At some point in time this was a feature, focal point of the landscape.

The tips of the plant seem to be golden, or paler than the rest of the foliage. It is hard to say, either the started out as a tight orb on top, or if it was in weeping form to begin with.

Check out the trunk system of the tree. Does the trunk (main stem) of the tree go up to a graft point?

Pruning should be done in early spring, or late autumn after the chance of new growth can occur, it should be a selective pruning. Selective pruning only means that you need to take your time and treat one branch at a time.

Look for any damaged, broken or diseased branches and remove them first. Branches that are criss-crossing or are rubbing on one another, should also be trimmed at the trunk or at the “Y” branching point, that will alleviate the branches rubbing.

 Do you want it to be touching the ground? you may want to remove some of the branch tips that are resting on the ground to allow for light and air to filter in, with less chance of disease and insects.

I wouldn’t take more than the first third off of each branch if need be, for shaping.  I also recommend you do it in a series of seasonal prunes. Once its off you cant put it back! Do a bit this late fall and then see how it looks; and do a bit more in the early, early spring and so on until you get the desired results and the health of the plant is thriving. 

                                                                                                                                       Blue Cypress

                                                                                                                      Carolina Sapphire

Which tree does yours look most like?


You have a great tree there; soon you will be looking at how great it is doing, instead of what the heck is it doing! 

Just be patient, it is worth the work and time.

If you could send another image it would be so helpful and your zip code so we know what part of the country you are in to fine-tune the variety.

Lets see what the rest of the team thinks, my first impression is juniper.

Great pruning to you!    Maureen


Posted 2015-08-18T13:34:01+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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