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What type of pex is used for under floor heating

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Posted 2013-12-10T21:30:05+0000  by Magoo Magoo

Hello Magoo and welcome to the Community.


The type of Pex tubing used in under floor heating is oxygen barrier pex tube. Within the previous link is a video demonstrating how to use Sharkbite connections with this tubing.  This tubing is manufactured with an oxygen diffusion barrier applied to the exterior.  This barrier limits oxygen permeation through the tubing wall in hydronic heating applications and prevents corrosion of ferrous metal parts in heating systems.  The size you need will depend on the system you are using, so I have attached a link that list sizes and store search to find it your area. 


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Posted 2013-12-12T16:11:25+0000  by Char_HD_CHI
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