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What type of wire and material do I need to hang large heavy wall art; the holes are already there

I have a large, heavy (wood) wall art.  It is wired to hang length-wise and I want to hang it horizontally.  The holes are in place on the back for it to be wired to hang horizontally but I need to know what type of wire and other materials I need to purchase.

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Posted 2013-08-14T22:17:12+0000  by KeiKei KeiKei

Hey KeiKei,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


If you come into your local Home Depot, we carry a large selection of wire hangers and wire in our hardware department.  The brand that I like the most is by OOK, and we have various assortments to make the wall art hang up safely and securely.


You'll first need to know how much your wall art weighs. This is important to figure out the hooks and/or hangars you will need for installation.

34-Piece Professional Picture Hanging Valu-Pak


Most of our hanging wire is suited for heavy weights, but make sure it is secured properly.

9 ft. 100 lb. Stainless Steel Hanging Wire

Hanging clips are very important as well.

1-Hole D-Rings Hanger Value Box (14-Pack)

You'll need a screwdriver or drill and a pair of cutting pliers to get the right amount of wire. A good hammer will be needed for you to drive in any nail-based hangars. It really depends on what type of fastening/hangar system you buy that will determine how it will be hung.


These are the best systems we carry in our store, but let me know if you any further questions regarding hanging your wall art.



Posted 2013-10-02T18:36:07+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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