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What's a great mower that's especially easy to push?

Hi! Craig here, from the Apron Blog.


We have a reader who posted a question on an article about the lawn mowers we sell at The Home Depot. Ellen would like some recommendations for a lawn mower. 


Here's what she said:


"Have Toro Selp propelled electric start mower which is great, only it is very hard to push. Does any one have any suggestionLove to here from you. Thanks."


What's a good mower that's especially easy to push?

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Posted 2012-06-14T17:53:50+0000  by HomeDepotCraig HomeDepotCraig

Howdy Ellen,


The history behind Toro is they have been around since 1914 and are based in Bloomington, Minnesota USA. I've used a Toro (not unlike the one below) as a youngster and it never let me down. With this in mind, let's see how to assist you with your "stubborn lawnmower" problem. 




vintagetoro (283x188).jpgToro726790 (250x300).jpg


After some homework and seeking out some assistance in the self-propelled lawnmower area, I found that perhaps the drive belt or drive cable that propels the mower is loose. 


I would start by checking how much free play you have on the sliding handle. The Toro site states that the drive is engaged as you push off with the mower. With the mower off, push the handle down like you want it to drive and see how far the mower moves before you feel resistance from the wheels. About an inch or so is normal, if there is more you most likely need to adjust the cable. If you look on the left side of the handle you will see the drive cable anchor with a bolt attaching it to the handle. 

Loosen the bolt that clamps the cable to the handle. Push about an inch(more of less),upward from the clamp and tighten the bolt. If this tightens up the drive your done, however if it pulls you too much you will have to give a bit of slack to fix this. This is the reason you need a little bit of slack to keep it from running away by itself.


If we can get a model number we can pinpoint the exact instructions. In the spirit of helfulness we can take a guess and show you a general "how to tighten" the belt or cable.

The other common reason is the belt is worn:


Remove two bolts under the lawn mower body which holds the top cover over the drive belt and then remove the belt guard that is around the pulley on the crank shaft. Now work the belt around the blade and off the the drive pulley.

While blade is removed, sharpen or replace as necessary. On the transmission side of the belt:

Remove the "S" clip on handle for speed / traction cable, then remove the plastic "Rear Baffle" two screws on each side on frame in front of rear wheels one screw in the rear

With the baffle removed, rotate the drive shaft and transmission to gain access
to the pulley drive belt guard, it is held in place with three screws.

Once belt guard is removed, you can easily remove the drive belt.

Reverse procedure to replace the belt. While you have the mower apart you can lubricate drive axel bearings, wheel bearings, control cables, and any other moving parts.

I'd like to finally give you a link to the Toro site in case you don't have the manual for the mower anymore.

If this seems like more than you are comforatable with, Toro has certified service centers everwhere and your local Home Depot or our community can help you with that as well.


As for good self propelled mowers?,..If you can give us some information on the size of lawn, features your looking for, and budget you have, we can give better assist you in giving some good options.


Happy Gardening,

Posted 2012-06-15T00:34:50+0000  by Dave_HD_OC
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