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What's causing the bore holes in my exterior brick wall mortar and how do I fix it?

I recently noticed some bore holes sporatically up and down the side of my exterior wall, but am no sure what it's from.  They are very clean holes (not rough) and are maybe a 1/4" in diameter, but average 2"-3" deep.  Are these from insects? If so, what's the best way to seal this off and ensue that anything that may be living in these holes evacuates or are killed so I can seal these holes up?  I don't want to seal them off and have whatever (if it is an insect) start heading more to the interior of my house if not properly treated.


I'm guessing there's at least a dozen of these holes going up and down this wall in a specific 5' span/section of my exterior wall.  It is a little odd how it is only located in this speciic section of the exterior wall. Coinsidently, I also have plaster/slatboard walls on the inside of my house in this same area that are suffering froma "Cauliflower"effect.  I'm not sure if these bore holes are causing this on the interior of my house though, or if that's a soffit/gutter issue.

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Posted 2013-10-05T15:27:28+0000  by misundsinbir misundsinbir

Might want to do a little reading on mason or mortar bees.  It seems they don't so much drill holes as they take advantage of natural weak points.  It seems they like sunny places, which might explain why one area is effected.  The bees are harmless to humans and beneficial to plants.

Posted 2013-10-05T17:17:38+0000  by Adam444
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