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What's the safest way to cut a ping pong table top without damaging it ? My room is to small for it

Not sure the material its made of but its a free standing 5 x 9 . I need it cut smaller to fit my room . Need to know witch tool like circular saw or jig and blade to safely cut it and not damage it . If staff answers this can your store cut it ? I'll bring it there .

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Posted 2013-07-13T01:37:25+0000  by ride-to-live ride-to-live

Since the top is probably made of particle board, a circular saw and a blade of at least 40 teeth would be fine.  You can even use one of the relatively inexpensive all steel "plywood" blades.  If possible, cut with the good side of the table down.


I don't work for Home Depot but I'm pretty sure they won't cut anything brought in from the outside.

Posted 2013-07-13T01:51:52+0000  by Adam444

ok ! thanks, a friend also said masking take on good side will help . I feel safer using a better quality blade and will go slow letting the blade do the work without shreding it . thanks again

Posted 2013-07-13T03:00:22+0000  by ride-to-live

With a circular saw most of the splintering will occur on the top side of the piece being cut.  Wrapping the entire cut in blue painters tape won't hurt.



Posted 2013-07-13T03:22:01+0000  by Adam444
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