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Where I Can find Technique Instructions??

I bought the MSL Precious Metals in the color "Tin" (MSL374) because I loved the sample card at Home Depot!  The problem I am Having now is how to get that same look.  No one in my local HD paint department knew how to get it to look like the paint sample card. They told me to buy the little faux roller and that should give me the effect, but that is not the look at all!! Can anyone help me???  It is not a smooth finish, but has a subtle design/texture to it. I've looked online and can't seem to find any information! I have already primed, and put the base coat on my project and now I'm at a stand still!!

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Posted 2012-03-20T00:38:52+0000  by Drillbit Drillbit

After reading all the other discussions on this forum and going on the internet and reading more about the Martha Stewart Precious Metals Paints I am very disappointed. I guess after doing so many of these painting projects I should have known that if I couldn't find instructions easily at the store that sell the paint, that was a bad sign. It sounds like this product has had so many problems since the beginning. I wish the sales people would have told me that it was at least difficult to work with! I read that some HD have discontinued selling this product because of the complaints. I guess that is why after 2 days I haven't gotten any replies to my post, not even from a HD paint expert. No one knows the technique to get it to look like the paint card for the Tin color card sample. I will go back to the drawing board and look at other paint brands for the look I want. I'm glad I only bought a quart, but I will take it back, it has been on the market over a year and it should not still be on the shelves with this much problem! Martha does need to do much more research or stick to what she knows and it doesn't seem to be PAINT!



Posted 2012-03-21T16:26:15+0000  by Drillbit



Metallic paints are very difficult to lay out due to the nature of the metallic particles floating in the liquid resin. Every stroke of a brush or roller will show directionality. To get decent results, you must rapidly apply the material and then make a final directional pass in the same direction. It helps to be applying the product over a well sealed surface to increase the wet time. Wet time allows the metallic flakes to disperse more uniformly. Small areas are easier to get looking good exactly because you can control the direction and the wet time.


Whenever I had occasion to use metallic paints, I chose to spray  Spraying largely solves the directionality and wet time problem, although, it was a good automotive spray painter who could get the metallic auto  paint to look even on a car.


There is a Martha Stewart brochure that gives helpful hints on applying her specialty finishes available at Home Depot. It is normally stocked next to her color samples.



Posted 2012-03-21T21:22:13+0000  by ordjen


Hello Drillbit!


On The Community, we've been writing and producing instructional videos on ML Precious Metals and ML applicators since the products were introduced. Take time to work through the threads and you'll find a number of recommendations.


Click here to jump to the thread that covers several of ML's specialty products (including ML Precious Metals).


When the ML Metallic Roller Cover was introduced, this video helped define the different results you'll get using a variety of applicators.


If you have other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Posted 2012-03-22T17:17:13+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL

That is exactly my problem! I was told to use MS Faux roller and I would get the look that is on the sample card.NOT! Then I was told to call Glidden they don't sell the paint at their store they have no clue...I searched Martha's site and nothing.

I don't blame the paint I blame the store for not having the proper information..I am so aggravated. We are in the middle of painting the room and can't find help anywhere........I want the trextured line found in the sample not Pebbles not hammered just a simple raised line....Why would a sample have a textured line in it without instructions like the other sample cards???????? This all just makes no sense! I see replies to this thread and they obviously have not looked at the new sample card of "Tin" to understand it does not have the smooth surface..It has a raised line.. You can't even tell if it is a different color or the same because of the color on a raised line could look different.....I really am aggravated..............

Posted 2012-08-08T13:38:15+0000  by Brat6751

WOW Brat!


You seem to have a sample unlike any other ... did all the cards on your display have the same pattern?


Silver Leaf ML Precious Metals.jpg  Here is what the current cards look like.


NOTE: Since we cannot see the sample card to which you are referring, maybe you could post a photo of the card (Front and back would be helpful) and we'll see if we can decipher your problem.


In the interim, here is a timeline description of the transition in metallic products and applicators The Home Depot has sold.


Historically, we sold the Ralph Lauren shag rug roller cover for the Ralph Lauren metallic paint. It produced a fabulous metallic pattern. It was not a nap roller cover, but literally looked like a shag rug with strands of fiber cut about 1/2 inches long. As you rolled over the surface, the strands extended and pulled at the surface. The emulsion in the paint helped create the metallic swirl ... much like you're expecting.


The first display cards for ML Precious Metals were perfectly flat and were actually sprayed by the manufacturer. The ML roller cover that accompanied this paint (at that time) was supposed to produce a perfectly flat result. However, many people had difficulty obtaining that smooth look.


ML has since introduced another roller cover for metallic paint ... much like the original Ralph Lauren shag rug roller.


This roller has a slightly shorter nap than the Ralph Lauren roller. As you might expect, it extends as the roller passes over the surface and creates a pattern similar, but not as pronounced, as the earlier Ralph Lauren shag rug roller.


Since the ML Roller nap is not too long, it produces a modest pattern like you see above ... not one that is pronounced.


So to answer your question Brat, you should decide if the roller cover you are using produces enough patterns to match your expectations. If not, choose an alternative applicator.


If you want a more pronounced pattern, you may still be able to locate a longer nap shag rug roller cover in your local market. However, if you want a smoother pattern, you might decide to use a 3/8th nap standard wall roller cover. The smaller white dense foam roller will create the smoothest possible surface with an applicator, and spraying will result in a very smooth surface.


TECHNIQUE: Agitate the can before beginning, and then the first step toward creating a pattern is to saturate the roller with paint and set it aside for about five minutes. During this pause, the nap will absorb a lot of paint and begin to "plump out." Fill the roller cover again before going to your surface, and continually go back to the tray to keep the roller cover saturated ... this will provide the nap a chance to extend and dispense paint off the tips.


VERY IMPORTANT: If you try to conserve this product and do not continuously reload the roller with a dense coat, the tips will mat down and you will roll an almost smooth coat of paint with irregular small clumps of texture.


TECH NOTE: Unlike any other paint sold at The Store, ML Precious Metals requires 24-hours between coats.


When you finish, please come back and share photos!

Posted 2012-08-09T14:13:42+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
I'm having the same issue. I bought the Martha Stewart Precious Metals in Tiger Eye this afternoon. The slight crackle texture on the sample card was perfect for my furniture project. However, now that I've painted and let it dry 7+ hours there's still no texture. There isn't even directions on the can or the card about how to achieve the look. It's really terrible advertising if the paint doesn't create this's the only reason I bought it.
Posted 2012-08-20T04:44:59+0000  by Avadore

Forgot to mention, the roller does not create this texture. No roller could. It seems like a mild crackle-like texture that should occur from the drying process not the application. 

Posted 2012-08-20T05:19:38+0000  by Avadore
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