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Where can I find 45" wide door for a 45" wide opening in an interior wall ?

I have an interior wall with an openning 45" wide and 80" high. Want to install a door to fit this openning.  But all the doors I looked at were either 40" or 48" wide, can't find one that is 45".  Anyone know of a good trick to do this without cutting into the dry wall ?  

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Posted 2013-10-11T02:45:51+0000  by AKL AKL

You can check with your local Home Depot to see if they can order you a door.  Are you planning on replacing the jamb?  If not, you can just get by with what's called a "door slab" but you'll have to mortise for the hinges and drill for the lockset.  If Home Depot doesn't have anything, you can try online or through a local millwork store.


Another option might be to use a smaller door with a side light.  You'd have to pull the existing jamb and trim but you should have a rough opening of about 47".

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Posted 2013-10-12T11:43:23+0000  by Adam444

Is this a rough or finished opening?  With a rough opening the door will be smaller than with a finished opening.  Interior or exterior door?

Posted 2013-10-11T13:15:49+0000  by Adam444

It is a finished opening in a regular residential house over 25 years old.  The door is going to be an interior one.

Posted 2013-10-12T08:33:53+0000  by AKL

A smaller door with a side light is a good idea.  I tkink I'll just do it that way.  Thanks a lot Adam444.  Have a great rest of the week !


Posted 2013-10-13T04:34:39+0000  by AKL
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