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Where to do "project cuts" on lumber?

I need to purchase a few boards and a sheet of plywood and have them cut to dimensions for a small project, but I don't know where to get it cut. As I understand it, HD does not do "project cuts" (at least they didn't used to). I don't have room or access to saws to cut it myself, and I don't have friends with any either (new in town). Are there places that that I can pay to do the cuts? The cuts are simple and have been drawn out on paper by a professional company as part of the assembly instructions. Any ideas?






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Posted 2011-09-17T03:23:55+0000  by Eljay Eljay

I am not sure in what kind of place (apartment, condo, or house) you live in but a good set of cordless power tools would be a wise purchase. Cordless tools don't have to be expensive. Home Depot sells the Ryobi line and you can get a set for less than $100. Even if you could find someone to cut your lumber you would have to take it to them or pay them to come to you. Home Depots usually have a panel saw and a radial arm saw in their lumber department and will do the first 3 cuts for free. What I do is have them rough cut my lumber to just a bit larger than I need and then do the final perfect cuts at home. Unless you have a van, truck, or SUV you are going to have a pretty hard time getting a full sheet of plywood home anyway and having them rough cut it allows you to get it in a smaller vehicle.

Posted 2011-09-17T14:53:09+0000  by macfan

As was mentioned, get yourself a cordless drill and circular saw. Then you can do the work on a patio (like I do), in an empty space in the parking lot (like I've done in the past) or even on the kitchen floor. The next thing you'll want is a Speed Square and a metal straight edge and some clamps. The speed square makes it easy to cut straight lines or 45 degree angles in your dimensional lumber and the straight edge and clamps work well for your panels. Just be sure to measure over from the side of your saw to whichever edge of the plate you are going to run along the straight edge or square and account for this in your placement of said straight edge or square.


And having THD do the rough cuts for you will make it easier to get home. If you already have it home, take it back and have them cut it for you. Friday nights are usually good times to go back as it's usually slow in my experience.


SpeedSquare Example.jpg

Posted 2011-09-19T00:01:14+0000  by Paul
There isn't much options with more H....D..'s and fewer lumber stores!
Look up Panel saw comment on this discussion board.
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Posted 2017-03-24T18:27:28+0000  by Getitdun
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