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Which Strawberry Varieties Are Wild Tasting?

I love wild strawberries. I want a variety that has not been hybridized to the point they are big with no taste. I have found some info on how to grow  them if I could find the wild ones somewhere to buy. Does anyone know where I can buy the old fashioned strawberry vines like we used to eat that grew wild in Tennessee?

Here is some pics of what the real nature made ones looks like: As you can see many will fit in your palm of the real ones.
Image result for wild strawberries   Image result for wild strawberries

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Posted 2016-05-23T03:18:51+0000  by gloriaalfred gloriaalfred
Hey gloriaalfred.

I believe the word that you are looking for is heirloom. Heirloom seeds are tried and true, without cross pollination from other types of strawberries and not cross bred with anything. Heirlooms have stayed true to the parent plant for over 50 years and used by the old timers.

I did not find them on but I did find them on our seed vendors website. Click here for that.
Posted 2016-05-29T15:46:08+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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