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Which Welder?

I'm trying to decide which welder to buy.  The Lincoln 140 which runs on 120 or the 180 that runs on 230.  I'm new at this, but don't want to do it again.  I want to be able to weld pretty much anything on a car or truck.  Thanks for your help.  Oh, running a new electrical line is absolutely no problem, going to either way.

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Posted 2012-10-21T14:40:28+0000  by BobT84721 BobT84721

Hey BobT84721.


This is Greengiant. My brother has been a body man at a dealership for 18 years and does jobs as big as replacing frames and frame rails He uses a Lincoln Electric 230v as this is designed for larger projects and certainly puts a cleaner weld than the 120 welder that he has at his house.


Just yesterday we were hanging sheetrock at the new body shop we had just built for him to do work on the side. Two weeks ago we ran 2 220 circuits for his new air compressor and the new 230 welder that he is going to buy. When it comes to working on cars you have to have the bigger welder.


The 120 welder works fine for little things around the house but is just not cut out for auto body.


Hit me back here and share with me your thoughts. 

Posted 2012-10-21T17:20:06+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Hi Bob,


Also with HD140 as is right out of the box, you cannot use shielding gas...


You would need to purchase a conversion kit first.  Without the shielding gas your  joints are going to look somewhat spatter.


180 is preset for shielding gas and capable of welding thicker stuff than 140…:smileywink: 



Hope this helps,




Posted 2012-10-22T15:04:37+0000  by George_HD_CHI
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