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Which brand of cordless power tools



I know that there's already a thread about cordless drills, now I'm more interested in brand. I realize that getting cordless power tools in combo sets is the most economical, but I'm at a loss as to which brand to choose when it comes to buying/completing a set. Currently all my power tools are corded and some times it's a pain (literally) sustaining a certain position (ie, screwing drywall onto the ceiling.... thank God for drywall lifts!). I'm thinking that the drill would factor in the most since I happen to use it most. I looked at the HD tool catalog (p. 17) and narrowed it down to E, H, J and K based on features, weight and of course price. Do these particular drills come in sets? Maybe I missed it in the catalog. Of course I'm willing to look at other brands too if the have a great set. All cooments/opinions wecome!



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Posted 2010-11-18T15:59:59+0000  by racer racer

Hey racer roofing, welcome to the community. I see you’ve read the other threads already on our site. I have looked over the catalog page 17 and all the drills you have narrowed it down to. I have to say the thread by aboveaveragejoe  answers a lot of your questions. It is true of the models you have looked at come in a combo kit such as the Milwaukee, kit number

2691-23. Makita, kit number LCT400W, Bosch kit number CLPK23-180, and RIDGID kit number R9678

(catalog # 33253). The good news is you can save money and have an awesome kit at the same time.

 These kits vary from 2 pc up to 6 pc's, so there will be price differences. All have good warranties. Another

awesome thing The Home Depot offers  extended warranty plans, that start after the manufactures

warranty ends. This can give you peace of mind. This is one of the best warranties in the industry.

You definitely want to go with a Lithium-Ion kit for the short charge time; long use time and start in extreme weather from the get go. These all come with a great bag which makes it easier to carry around and store your tools when you’re finished for the day.

Like aboveaveragejoe said, " go into the store and put these tools in your hand, try them and find the one(s) that are best for you."  Right now is the time for the best offerings and price. You can’t go wrong with any of these brands. In case you missed the video go to

I hope this helps you decide. Please let us know which way you decided to go, drill only or a kit.

Posted 2010-11-18T21:45:14+0000  by Ken_HD_OC

Check the features and options of the tools in the kits/sets very carefully because what I've found is that the tools in the sets almost always are not the same/don't have the same options as the individually purchased comparable item from the same manufacturer.  That may be  one reason why the sets/kits are cheaper.  If you can work with the level of quality/features of the set items they may be a good deal for you.  You'll find many many comments and reviews on the Internet for individual brands - and many complaints.  Just Google the brands one at a time and specify cordless. 

Posted 2010-12-02T02:08:25+0000  by zelda

The DeWalt 18 volt compact lithuim ion drill and impact driver set is really nice. they are very small and light weight but dont lack power. I use my DeWalt drill to turn over my 18.5HP Briggs and Stratton Opposed Twin engine and it dose it with no problem. battery life is great too, they recharge in 30 mins and have constant full power from start to end. can't go wrong with these tools. may be a bit pricy but they are worth it.

Posted 2011-01-18T19:47:59+0000  by engineguy95
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