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Which lawn mower to buy

I have a smallish weedy lawn (front and back) which I want to keep up by myself. Front and back lawn areas together are probably about 1/3 to 1/2 acre.  I am a not strong, senior lady and don't get much exercise. Probably will take less than 1/2 hour to mow it all, and it's pretty flat.  I think weekly mowing will help my body, mind, and my wallet. I know there is no way I can pull a cord to start the engine of a lawn mower, so looking for advice on which kind to buy. -- cordless electric, or gas with electric starter.  Also, I am doubtful about my ability to push a mower for that long, so am leaning toward self propelled.


If cordless electric, how "big" does the engine need to be to mow smallish areas which do not grow fast or high (pretty shaded, just a few hours of direct sun each day.)  I am confused by the variation in engine power.


Would a regular gas engine with electric starter be cheaper, easier to use, less maintenance, or should I just go all electric?  I used to have a gas mower with electric starter and liked it. But that was 10 years ago, and there's been a big drop in my overall strength since then (and even then, I couldn't pull the cord hard enough to get that kind of mower.)


Can someone help with comparisons on how big an engine, lowest maintenance (besides keeping it clean and sheltered), price, basically nuts and bolts quick education so I can choose the best one to buy.

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Posted 2012-11-20T16:06:11+0000  by cathy27518 cathy27518

Greetings Cathy27518, and Welcome to the How-To-Community!!!


When it comes to buying a lawn mower there a few options to choose from.  If you’re thinking of going electric, you need to consider if you want to hold the extension cord as you cut the lawn.  The electric mowers work just as well as a gas powered one, but they are usually not self-propelled.  They make these lighter to push and move.  Besides electric there is also battery powered ones.  These work great for smaller areas.  To charge the battery it’s a simple plug in to the wall with the adapter included in the box.

toro electric.jpg

When it comes to gas mowers you have a wide variety to choose from.  These will come in self-propelled or push.  Toro has a great self- propelled mower with electric start.  This is a Top seller for Home Depot.  The electric start has a battery that you will need to charge a few times throughout the year.  To start the mower it’s as simple as turning a key.  Also on the Toro there is a quick connect on the top of the cutting deck to attach a hose to.  This will help clean the bottom of the mower without having to tip it over and use your hands.  Just make sure to wait till the mower is cooled down before cleaning the bottom.  The self-propelled system on here is called personal pace.  What this means is, it goes at the same speed as you.  Very little pushing is required to get things in gear.  They make these so that all types of people can use them with ease.  


Whichever lawn mower you decide to go with, it will be able to handle any job you plan to tackle with it.

If you have any questions feel free to post back.  I included some links to check out on different types of lawn mowers we carry. 


Also check with your local store to see what they offer.

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Posted 2012-11-20T16:26:23+0000  by FlyingHDsod
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