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Which paint products to use?

I want to finish a chair that has an iridescent look to it, it's like that clear crinkly wrap that changes shades of light colors when it hits the light in certain angles. I would like it to have that kind of finish over whatever base color I am going to put underneath. Thank for the info

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Posted 2013-07-06T21:15:57+0000  by chris2466 chris2466

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I have actually done a post recently about how to paint an iridescent look. Here is the post.  In this post, I explain how to use the "Lightstrokes" paint by Martha Stewart. The instructions say to use a round brush or a paint brush to apply it. If you are looking for a crinkle look, you can use a plastic shopping bag or plastic wrap instead. Please be aware that this paint can only be used inside, so if you are planning on using your chair outside, I would not recommend using this product. If this is the case, let me know and we can discuss more options for your project. :)


If you have any more questions about this project or any other project, please let us know!


Christine :smileyhappy: 


Posted 2013-07-08T12:17:52+0000  by Christine_HD_ATL
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