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Which plants are good for apartment living?


I live in a studio apartment, and I was curious which plants would be best to purchase for apartment living? I get light, but its not super bright. Want some larger plants smaller plants, hanging plants, to help clean the air, help humidity, etc, but Im not sure which kind to purchase since Home depot is down the street, it would be cool if they actually carried the plants. Just not sure which ones are good for apartment living, and are easy to maintain.

Also wanted to ask, there is something called Lucky Bamboo I believe, its these lil bamboo stalks, its a feng shui type meaning behind them for wealth, in feng shui the area where money and wealth falls is in my bathroom, yikes, which has no windows, and is pretty dark most of the time, would bamboo survive in a bathroom? curious?

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Posted 2015-04-08T22:24:42+0000  by Davy333 Davy333

Greetings  Davy333,


The Home Depot is just the place for you to shop for houseplant for your apartment!

We have a great selection of tropical foliage plants in all sizes, and flowering indoor plants as well.

You can start with a few small 4 inch potted plants; or jump right in with a purchase of a large floor plant in a 10-14 inch pot. In any size pots living plants are not only beautiful, and add life to your apartment, but they are highly beneficial to your indoor living environment.

This article link will provide you with a list of benefits that house plants can provide; along with variety suggestions for the best plant to remove toxins and impurities from your living space.


I have a few personal suggestions for plants that have great look great, don’t require high light, are easy to care for, and are highly beneficial:

Pothos, and Rabbits Foot Fern: are two of my favorite low light hanging plants

Dracaena, Anthurium and Aglaonema: are my picks for table plants, requiring low light and low maintenance.

Fiddle Ficus, and a standard form Rubber Tree are great floor plants…. they have great presence but are not intrusive into the room. The Fiddle Ficus requires a brighter light source but no direct sun, and no direct sun for the Rubber Tree.


Bamboo shoots in your bathroom will probably grow, but because of the lack of light they will appear pale green and hungry for light. Artificial light will help.


I suggest a small Spathiphyllum Petite or Sansevienia for your dark bathroom. The Spath and the sansevienia will love the humidity and not be too offended by the lack of light. The Spathiphyllum id called the “Peace Lily” it may not induce money…but everyone wants a bit of peace and quiet while in the bathroom.

 I hope that this helps with your plant purchasing decisions!

Let us know which plants you invite into your life,  we would love to see some pictures of your new plants in their new home…….Maureen



Posted 2015-04-09T13:40:24+0000  by Maureen_HD_BOS
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