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Which way to have the track light head facing when attaching a new light head into the track?

       Trying to put a new track light head into track.  SKU 626-368, UPC 008938251815.  Looking at top of head it has 2 gold tabs on one side and one gold tab on the other side.  Which way should it be facing when attaching to the track?   Thanks,     Sandi

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Posted 2013-05-07T19:05:44+0000  by CamaroChic2 CamaroChic2

Hey CamaroChic2,


Thanks for joining us here on the community!


Also, thank you for giving us the SKU and UPC number for your track head. It is the White Linear Track Light shown below, yes?


Hampton Bay 1-Light White Linear Track-Lighting Fixture

Both sides of the track tabs should be parallel with the track. The trick is to use both hands; use one to hold the track light at the bottom and use the other hand to grab the white 'block' right below the tabs. This block will go down about  a 1/2" or so. This will expose the track tabs easier so it will fit into track itself.


Once you do this, the entire head will do a quarter turn and it will successfully snap into the track. The trick is to grab the block below the tabs and press down on it. And that's really there is to it!


After you are done, the track head should move freely to the position you need to be be placed.


Let us know if this worked out for you, and please update on your track lights




Posted 2013-05-08T13:39:27+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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