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White Ceramic tile countertop makeover!


We have white tile ceramic countertops and we do not have the budget to replace them.

I'd like them be a dark color but I don't know if I should paint them or use the Rust-Oleum Transformations counter kit?



Any information would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!



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Posted 2013-04-18T03:42:03+0000  by mrodriguez13 mrodriguez13

Hi there Maria,


Thanks for joining our community!~


Great to heat that your taking the DIY approach to this and putting the project in your own hands! While I have seen people paint their countertop tiles before, I can't say that it's very often that I do. Your best best for doing so would be to use an epoxy style paint as your traditional water-based paint for walls wouldn't hold up to the job. However since you did mention you have knowledge of it, it makes my suggestion of Tile Transformations even easier.


The Rust-Oleum Countertop Transformations kit is best used on surfaces like laminate countertops for re-covering or resurfacing them. In your case, I would suggest using the Tile Transformations kit. While normally done on walls or backsplashes, this product can be used to cover ceramic or porcelain countertops. It's easy to use and provides a durable, lasting finish and look for you. Just bear in mind that it cannot be cleaned with abrasve pads or steel wool as this will ruin the finish.


Check out the video below from Rust-Oleum on just how easy it is to apply!~



Posted 2013-04-18T16:32:15+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI

Thank you Jay for the information on the tile kit!

Unfortunately, I don't think it comes in onyx color.


I will attempt using the latex paint, do you have any suggestions on how to prep the surfice and seal it?


Thank you so much



Posted 2013-04-18T18:42:40+0000  by mrodriguez13



Unfortunately no, there isn't an Onyx color for this particular product. The darkest shade would be Slate pictured below:





As far as painting is concerned, I will advise against using a latex based paint for this job. At the end of the day, you'll be ending up with a completely painted surface and not a durable countertop. Any sort of chipping or marring that painted surfaces are prone to, so will your countertops. 


As I mentioned earlier, epoxies are really the only thing durable enough to hold up on a counter top. Paint expert ordjen and I helped another user with a similar project previously in the topic type of paint or glaze for ceramic tile? in that, you can see that we both recommended the same product I'm telling you about now. The only caveat is that the epoxies listed are not rated for food-prep areas.


If your current countertop color is truly that undesirable, then perhaps replacing the tiles is your best option instead of attempting a paint job that may not last.

Posted 2013-04-18T19:31:49+0000  by Jay_HD_CHI
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