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White Wash

I am renovating my house and I would like to do a white wash on my kitchen cabinets. I am using a drak blue and think I need to use a white stain to "white wash" it. CAn anyone help me learn how to do this?


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Posted 2011-10-10T13:35:46+0000  by megawoman83 megawoman83


Good for you – renovations can be a lot of fun.  



  If you are referring to cabinets already having a base coat of blue, then you will have to make sure that the surface is prepared for the next coat.              


  • If the blue was an existing color, then you will have to clean them with a degreaser and de-gloss the finish.  You can either lightly sand the surface or wipe them down with a liquid de-glosser (sometimes called liquid Sand).
  • If they have been freshly painted blue then you still might want to lightly sand the surface in order for the “white wash” to adhere to the surface.

The “white wash” will be a mix of white paint and faux finishing glaze.  Both BEHR and Martha Stewart have glaze that require you to follow a paint-to-glaze ratio.  Just follow the instructions and mix the two accordingly.

               faux glaze.jpg           glaze.jpg                        

   Apply the glaze mix with a brush over the painted surface being careful to follow the direction of the wood grain (if possible).  Be consistent with your patterns and techniques so that each door looks the same.  You may want to start on the backside of the doors for practice. 


                                                 white wash.jpg


You can choose to brush on and wipe off instead of leaving brush marks – be creative, it’s your baby.


The final step is to seal the surface with polyurethane. I like to use the water based product (Polycrylic) because it dries fast and you can add several coats if needed.

                                              water based polyurethane.jpg


Hope this helped. Thanks for joining the community!



Posted 2011-10-10T14:54:50+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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