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White bird of paradise

Ive had my plant for 3 years and it was probably 2-3 years old when I bought it deom homw depot. It does not recieve much direct sun but in near a sunny window. Recently, the leaves have become thin and weak and droop. I've been watering it 2 times per week and it may be getting worse slowly.  I fertilize with a weak fertilizer every time I water. The plant is off the ground and drains fine. As an aside, about 2 months back my cleaning lady decided to severely cut the plant back. She removed about 6-7 of the older stalks . Does this have something to do with it? Would a plant light help the plant? How can I add an image to this post?
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Posted 2017-09-27T19:06:49+0000  by Fadila Fadila
Hey Fadila.

If you have not repotted this plant recently then it might be time. If you are watering it twice a week then you might be watering it too much. Only water it once the soil becomes dry. Do not keep it wet. I suspect that it is getting too much fertilizer as well. The fastest release fertilizers still feed for 2 weeks, therefore this weak fertilizer is still probably too much, as you are feeding it 4 times more frequently than you should.

Repot your plant, cut back water to every 5 to 7 days and feed 1 time per month and your plant should start to rebound.

Posted 2017-09-28T13:36:16+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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