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Whole House Surge Protection

When most people think of surge protectors, they may think of this guy below.

However, most folks don't even realize that while these can protect certain electrical items in the home, it won't and can't protect everything.

Surges in a home a majority of the time come from the home itself, and not always from lightning or 'extra juice' inadvertently coming in from the power company. Lots of large appliances such as air conditioners and backup generators sometimes give small surges throughout their life back into the main panel.

Lightning strikes would only be mitigated by using a lighting rod, as no surge protection system could adequately protect it against that much power. Plus, most nearby lighting strikes would dissipate throughout the power supply system (power lines, transformers, etc.) before it reaches a home, on average.

While this isn't immediately noticeable, small surges can shorten the life of electronics throughout the home. Too much power can sometimes come from the power lines themselves feeding your home's electrical system, so investing in a whole house surge protection is key.

This is especially important for anyone who has lots of appliances and electronics they wish to protect further. For the best protection against surges, its important to still keep those smaller plug-in surge protectors. This gives you even more defense.

As for the installation of a whole house surge protector, it may not be a typical DIY project. It It is installed near the main breaker panel in the home. so proper planning and making sure you follow the manuf. instructions is crucial for your safety and everything will be in working order.

While there are lots of versions we carry online, one we sell at your local store by Leviton works on almost all panels near the service entrance. To read more about it, please click here.

Leviton 120/240 Volt Residential Whole House Surge Protector 

As stated earlier, installing this wouldn't be done by a do it yourselfer. You can contact us at 1-800 HOME DEPOT to set up an appointment for install or contact an electrician in your area for pricing for installing it.

Whenever you are experiencing surges or think you have this issue in your home, consider using a whole house surge protection system. It's a worth while investment.


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