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Why You Should NEVER Wax Your Floors

Throughout the years working and interacting with customers with flooring, even to this day, I still have a few people ask about waxing your floor. 

While years ago this was the preferred (and usually only) method, The Home Depot actually hasn't sold floor wax in the stores in a very long time. 

It should be noted that we still sell Paste Wax by SC Johnson, its really only recommended to use it for wood surfaces that aren't going to have foot traffic. Examples of this are wood tables and wood furniture to give it that luster again.

Most floor waxes generally gunk up over short amounts of time and while some can be easy to remove on a floor, the effort put in by using better products will save you time, money, and energy spent on applying it. Personally, I've seen that floor wax is more trouble than what its worth for applying it on a residential floor.

So why is wax is a poor choice for coating floors? Other than it not being available in large quantities at your local Home Depot store, other coatings do a much better job for keeping a glossy shine on your floors.

For example, floor-rated polyurethane on hardwood floors and tile sealer on natural stone/ceramic tiles offer you much greater and longer lasting protection than anything wax can provide. Plus, non-wax coatings durability means less chances of re-coating and applying it over time.

To read more about providing a better coating for your floors, regardless of what type it is, please click here.

Just as important, always make sure you use a rated-cleaner for your floors to maintain them properly. While some products may say they work for restoring floors shine, they usually are just a coating, not a cleaner. Always be careful when choosing the best cleaner for your floors.

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Posted 2016-01-18T17:24:49+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL Joseph_HD_ATL