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Why Your Hydrangeas Aren't Blooming



Many people have this problem, as there are some varieties that will only bloom off of old growth. Oakleaf hydrangeas and Bigleaf hydrangeas only bloom off of old growth and must be pruned immediately after blooming. In the winter, this plant can look like a bunch of unsightly sticks but you must resist the temptation to cut them down.


Sometimes after a harsh winter the canes sticking out of the ground will continue to look dead while new growth comes from the ground. Still be patient, as these canes often take an extra month or longer to flush out new leaves. Put the pruners down and be patient.


Sometimes those canes do not flush out if it has just been a terrible winter. In this case your hydrangea will not bloom unless you have the unique Endless Summer hydrangea. This plant is the exception to the rule as far as Bigleaf hydrangeas are concerned. Endless Summer has the ability to bloom off of new and old growth.


The last possibility can be excessive Nitrogen and a deficiency of Phosphorus. This is common among blooming plants and fruit producing plants. If excess Nitrogen flushes out too many leaves, the plant will have to work too hard to feed it. This extra load along with a shortage of Phosphorus will simply shut down bloom production. A balanced fertilizer like 10-10-10, a bloom booster or Bone Meal will prevent this from happening.


If the plant has not bloomed since you planted it then there is the possibility that it is planted in full sun, which makes it unhappy. Morning sun is good for about 2 hours in the south and 4 to 5 hours up north but then it really needs filtered sun throughout the heat of the day. Moist soil is good for hydrangeas but constant wet soil can prevent blooming and lead to root rot of the plant.


Hydrangeas are really easy to have success with. Just keep them out of full sun in the deep south and prune them right after blooming and you will have great success.


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