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Why are my crape myrtle getting all black and how do I treat that?

Why are my crape myrtle full of black disease and how can I treat them?
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Posted 2016-02-04T02:47:41+0000  by Neia Neia
Hey Neia.

Now is the perfect time to prune those crape myrtles of yours. I see that you live in Texas. Crape myrtles are great trees with few major vulnerabilities. Diseases like mold, sooty mold and powdery mildew however are very possible with these trees. Too much shade, too much water and poor air circulation can be the cause of the mold that you are dealing with.
Daconil 16 oz. Fungicide Concentrate

The Home Depot has funcicides like Daconil to take care of problems like this.

Daconil Fungicide Concentrate controls, stops, and prevents over 80 diseases on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit and shade trees. Mix with water as directed and apply with a sprayer to control leaf spots, rust, blights, fruit rot, mildew and many other diseases.

  • Controls, stops, and prevents over 80 diseases
  • Controls leaf spots, rust blights, fruit rot, mildew and other diseases
  • Use on flowers, vegetables, shrubs, fruit, and shade trees
  • For outdoor, residential use only
  • Concentrated formula is ready to mix with water
  • A simple squeeze of the bottle measures the perfect amount for use
  • Concentrated formula can make up to 64 Gal. fungicide

Bayer advanced makes a systematic disease control that is great for lager trees that are too tall to spray. Although they work a little slower than a topical like Daconil, it works well because it is absorbed into the tree through the roots and does not wash off the tree for 30 days of protection.
Bayer Advanced 32 oz. Concentrate Tree and Shrub Protect with Feed
It also comes in a granular fertilizer form as well.

Bayer Advanced 4 lb. Ready-to-Use Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Granules
Posted 2016-02-04T21:00:20+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL
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