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Why can't it be easier to buy Hampton Bay replacement fan parts?

Just a story to indicate the importance of choosing a brand that has easy to buy spare parts when needed....and I wish I had done my homework on hampton Bay back when I first chose their products.


- I installed a Hampton Bay 52" ceiling fan in my bedroom around 5 years ago and have been nothing but happy with it, so much so that I have always chosen the same brand when i've installed ceiling fans elsewhere.

- Two months ago I decided to reverse the blades from faux-wood to the white side, just for a new look, and I snapped a screw in one of the blade arms when I was reassembling everything. My fault completely.

- So, I needed a new fan blade and a new fan arm......simple, right? Nope, it's been a time-wasting nightmare.

- I started out by looking in my local HD store and found that no spare parts were present so I tried all HDs in my region and none of them stocked spares.

- I tried the Customer Service Desk and was told that they can try to order the parts for me or I could do it easily online.

- I tried for a week to find a place online that sold genuine Hampton Bay parts to no avail. I'm kind of surprised nowadays when I find that a manufacturer doesn't have a spare parts webstore, and it sets of alarm bells that warn me that it might not be easy to get a resolution if you ever need to buy a part.

- I then found a phone number online for the manufacturer ("King Of Fans") and spent another week trying to get through to them on the phone with no success.

- I went back online and found another number, this time for Home Depot's Hampton bay customer service division. I reached someone after a couple of days of trying (long hold times) who was absolutely outstanding to deal with, very polite, friendly and helpful. She tried to give me the phone number for King Of Fans so that I call them myself, but I told her that I had already tried that with no success, so she called them herself....and couldn't reach anyone.

She told me that she would continue to try and would call me back or email me in a week to help me to order the parts. I was surprised that I would have to wait a week, but at least it was progress and I was happy with that.

- True to her word the HD customer services rep emailed me yesterday....but only to ask if I had managed to get through to the fan manufacturer. I emailed back and reminded her that SHE was supposed to contact them as I had already tried and failed. She then emailed me back and stated that she had reached King Of Fans and was now able to get me set up to place an order but would need to do it over the phone (i'm guessing for credit card security reasons).

- I then had a three way call with me, the HD agent and a King Of Fans agent. The KOF agent said that I could buy a pack of five blades. I stopped her and said that I only need one. She said that yes I could buy a single blade for $15. Sweet, that is plenty fair to me. She then went on to say that I could buy a set of five blade arms for $35. I replied that I only need a single blade and a single blade arm and she said that I cannot do that. they will split a set of five blades and sell me a single one but they won't do the same with the blade arms. That's just crazy to me and I said that I won't spend money on parts that I don't need, especially when they will split a set of blades but not the arms. So for the single blade and a set of five arms I would be looking at $50 plus shipping. that is almost the same cost of buying a new unit completely, and that is just nuts to me. If they are able to break down a set of blades then why not the arms too?

- I stated that I really like the Hampton Bay brand, but I will no longer choose them simply because of how difficult it is to get parts for them if needed and that's a real shame. At that I expected at least to be made an offer to sell me a new unit fior a discount (we do that all the time at the Company that I work for) but the KOS agent had an attitude of not caring one bit. The HD agent was sorry that she could help me further and agreed that it is frustrating, but that was that....I still have a broken fan (my fault though) and cannot get the exact parts that I need to fix it without buying extra items too, and I refuse to do that.


So....Hampton Bay, reliable, decent enough quality for the cost....but I will never choose them again due to the whole spare parts nonsence. And just on general principle I won't choose another brand of fan at Home Depot because i'm a little burnt by this experience and would rather do a little research and get one elsewhere.


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Posted 2013-07-17T15:30:35+0000  by daveyj27 daveyj27


I am very sorry to hear you've had such problems getting the parts you need & even just trying to reach the right department for assistance.

Hampton Bay is a proprietary brand only Home Depot sells, just like Husky, Glacier Bay, Pegasus, etc, and for any questions/product problems/tech support/parts needed we simply need the customer to give us a call direct so we can orchestrate the part order. Our phone number is provided on the internet, Hampton Bay product boxes, and the direct MFTR info is typically on the product manual. At that point, we simply give the specific manufacturer that made the customer's unit & bridge the customer on the call so we can order the part.

I do understand your frustration with not being able to purchase 1 of the blade holders by itself, but I'd be happy to resolve this for you.

Please send me a quick email with the full name, phone #, & address you provided the Customer Care agent when you called & I'll email you back to advise how we can resolve.


- Nicki (

Posted 2013-07-17T18:29:21+0000  by THDCustomerCare

So for the single blade and a set of five arms I would be looking at $50 plus shipping. that is almost the same cost of buying a new unit completely, and that is just nuts to me. 


Wanna hear nuts?  About 3 1/2 years ago my mother-in-law remodels her kitchen.  Buys high-end GE Cafe appliances - range, 'fridge, and OTR microwave mostly because she liked the way they looked.  After 18 months the GE Cafe 'fridge went.  After a couple of service calls, GE was "nice" enough to sell her a new one for $700 since the warranty had expired after 12 months.  I think the list on the 'fridge was $3,200.


Eight months ago (less than three years after install) the control board on the microwave goes.  $650 list on a new board, online discount to about $550.  That same week the entire microwave was on sale for $710.




Posted 2013-07-18T06:28:52+0000  by Adam444

Well, it turns out that Nicki couldn't in fact resolve the issue and I won't be able to repair this fan after all.


Apparently the manufacturer, King Of Fans, won't split a pack of blade arms due to balancing issues.

Now I would agree with that if they hadn't have already offered to split a pack of blades for me, and blades are far more likely to be out of true and have the potential for balancing issues than blade arms.


So what I have previously posted remains accurate; KOF fans are cheap and work well, but if you ever need to buy parts then you are going to run into problems and that is why I will no longer use their products at all.


Nicki did offer me a $10 HD gift card by the way, but KOF will not accept it as payment towards the parts.


Just to be clear; Home Depot staff have been willing to help all along and I have no issue with them at all, only praise....but KOF on the other hand are a differnt story entirely.

Posted 2013-08-01T12:35:08+0000  by daveyj27
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