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Why did the weed and feed not kill my weeds?

Hey everyone.



Although it is not time here in Atlanta to put down a weed and feed or a broadleaf weed killer, I will continue to get this question 1000 times this spring. Lets answer the question before we have to ask it any more. 


Broadleaf herbicides only effectively work when low temperatures are consistently above 55 degrees (when plants are actively growing).


Herbicides are also absorbed through the leaves of the weed, therefore don't put it down on a freshly cut yard because you just cut off the leaf of the weed and it has nothing to stick to. Wait 5 to 7 days after cutting to apply.


Because a herbicide has to stick to a weed in order to kill it then it is recommended to put it down in the morning when there is dew on the ground. Weed and feed will stick to a wet weed much better than a dry one. Early in the morning is a good time to apply weed and feed to the lawn, while there is dew on it. if it is mid-day then wet down the yard before applying.


WATCH THE FORECAST! An herbicide needs to sit on the weed for 24 to 48 hours in order to kill it. Don't put it down right before a rain and turn off the irrigation as well. You don't want it to get washed off.


Sometimes it is harder to kill the weeds with small leaves with a weed and feed (clover). A liquid herbicide is the solution here, for all you have to do is get it wet. If you have crabgrass then a liquid like Weed B Gon would be advised, as it has a crabgrass killer that weed and feed does not have.




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Posted 2011-02-13T16:03:24+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL Ingar_HD_ATL