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Why is my bathroom paint bubbling?

I recently painted my bathroom & have a problem w/the paint bubbling after a couple of weeks.  I used a primer specifically for high moisture & used a paint additive (for high moisture) in top coat. There was a minium of 48 hrs between applications.  I have repainted this bathroom 3 times w/same results.  The first two times were done w/out the additive to the top coat paint.  Always ending in the same results.....what can I do to fix this?  I have never experienced this problem before & have painted many a room.  Any insight would be appreciated 

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Posted 2013-11-04T20:43:22+0000  by miccadane miccadane

I feel your frustration on this one:smileyfrustrated:


   There are so many possible reasons for "paint failure" like blistering...I know that you only want to get this fixed and be done with it (finally).  But, for the sake of others reading this post I will give a couple of reasons why this might be happening.


   Moisture is most of the time the reason for blistering. It can come from areas that you may not know were there - like wallpaper glue residue, or hair spray, or even a cleaner. Anything that is a latex base product (like primer or paint) will add moisture to these problem areas and cause them to reactivate. There is no place for the moisture to go - so it blisters or bubbles. Sometimes these areas will lay back down in time but may reappear during times of high humidity. 


   The second cause is from the first layer of coating not adhering to the surface well.  This could be caused by a thin film of dust (like from a drywall repair). The same principle applies here with it possibly laying back down in time.


   The solution: After waiting 30 days to allow the layers of paint to cure - inspect those areas and see if the blistering has gone down. If they are still there, then you will have to scrape them off, prime the area with an OIL BASED PRIMER, patch the difference, sand and prime again.  Now paint one more coat so that the sheen is consistent and you should be fine.


I am sorry again about all the hard work you put into it and am hoping this will solve your dilemma.

Posted 2013-11-04T21:19:40+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Thank you so very much for the advice.....had a feeling it was not gonna be a quick fix!  

Posted 2013-11-04T22:47:18+0000  by miccadane

Have you taken any steps to reduce the moisture in the bathroom like adding a properly sized fan for ventilation?



Posted 2013-11-06T13:45:07+0000  by Adam444
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