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Why is this community so hard to find?

This is a great community for Home Depot, why is his so hard to find and why do I have to log in twice? It would be great to log in once from my app and get to this community. 
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Posted 2016-01-23T21:17:21+0000  by DIY1 DIY1

Hey DIY1,

Thank you for your kind words on the community, it really is a great place for people to reach out for their home project needs.

One of our community members already answered your previous question here.

As for it being so hard to find online, that is an answer for someone higher than me. Like you, I and other community experts are only members. I can reach out a supervisor regarding your question if you like.



Posted 2016-01-23T22:42:52+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
I'm not a Home Depot employee but I enjoy talking about home improvement projects and helping other people.  I've been a participant on this discussion board for about four years now and have been participating in online discussion groups for over two decades.  About two years ago they revamped the format of the board and from a users perspective it is absolutely horrible to use. 

I don't have access to any statistics but it's pretty obvious that the number of participating has been dwindling since the revamp and today we may only see a couple of new questions in a 24 hour period.  More importantly, it is very rare for anyone to come back to, say, answer a question from another member.  There are older threads that contain dozens of messages, today we might see three or four messages in a thread and those are generally responses from the Home Depot folks.  I think that is due, in large part, to users just not being able to find their question. 

Not to sound disparaging but it seems that the forum was designed by someone who really doesn't understand the the target audience and their needs.  The current software needs to be replaced, immediately.  The default sort order should not be "popularity" but rather by date and recent activity.   This isn't Pinterest, Facebook, or some discussion forum about the Kardashians, people with home improvement questions are looking for specific answer to a specific question and not the most "popular" question.   Who cares if sump pumps are "popular" if my problem is with my toilet?  Every other online discussion group I participate in has the option of sending an email when I get a response to a question, has some onscreen indicator of a message to me, or has the ability to search for messages directed to me.   Not this one.

I used to check this forum at least daily and answer all questions that I thought my answer might be useful.  Now, besides there not being many questions, I think twice before writing a response more than a paragraph long because I wonder if it will ever be read by the person asking the question.

Posted 2016-01-25T13:25:25+0000  by Adam444
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