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Why no instruction to seal the sub sill in entry door install How to?

Unfortunately I follwed the instructions in your "How to install an Entry door" too a tee and now am left with a flimsy aluminum threshold which has a large open void below it completely exposed to the elements! Home Depot appears to have an exclusive retail distributor agreement with SureSill products and yet fails to even mention a need to address this critical weatherproofing step in any Project or How to guide? You don't even stock these products in retail stores? I'm left waiting now for another week to receive the components to properly remove and re-install my doors due to this oversight in your instructions. It would appear in Home Depot's customers, Home Depot and SureSIll's best interest to include some info regarding proper sill pan installation info. in the How to instructions.

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Posted 2013-07-04T12:24:01+0000  by MHenson MHenson

..Not to mention including some tips for proper flashing installation.

Posted 2013-07-04T12:44:14+0000  by MHenson

Hi MHenson.  Sorry for your frustration...:smileysad:


I appreciate you pointing out the details concerning entry door installation and the "sub sill" issues.  Possibly each installation can experience unique problems or situations that cannot be controlled with just the basics.  


We will take every new bit of information (like yours) and try to better serve our customers so that frustrations aren't repeated.


Thank you for taking the time to communicate with us.

Posted 2013-07-07T15:30:31+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
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