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Why wont grass grow under my trees?

Hello everyone.


I often have the question, Why will grass not grow under my trees?


Pine trees have a tap root that goes straight down, therefore the roots are not fighting with the grass for nutrients. Pine trees also produce filtered shade, because needles do not block the sun like leaves do. However pine trees will  make soil very acidic, requiring you to often put down pelletized lime as often as every 6 months. Therefore growing grass under pine trees is more manageable than hardwoods.


It is nearly impossible to grow grass under hardwood trees, such as Oaks, Maples, Hickory and especially Bradford pears. Hardwood trees do create a lot of shade, which is one strike against most grasses but the real killer is the fact that hardwood trees have a fibrous root system that puts millions of roots and roothairs at the surface of the ground. These tiny roots are there to collect any nutrients that pass by and the grass is no match for the tree. If a tree is 50 foot wide then so is its root system.


If you are attempting to grow grass under hardwood trees I would recommend a good shade loving seed like Creeping Red Fescue and a good slow release fertilizer to act as an IV for the grass or a strong self repairing hybrid sod with descent shade tolerance like Zoysia or Centipede grasses. The better option however might be a good shade loving plant.



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