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Why won't my Kwikset lever latch?

We installed a Kwikset lever style knob for my mother this afternoon (replacement knob) and the door won't latch.  When you close the door, you can open it with just a push, no need to turn the knob!  Not sure exactly what needs to be adjusted to fix that.  Can someone advise?  We like to think we're handy, but we always run into these issues and don't know what to do.




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Posted 2013-06-29T23:51:50+0000  by pattipat pattipat

The latch isn't engaging the strike properly but the question is why?  If bend down and look carefully you may be able to see what direction the latch is off.  Another thing to try is to gently pull the handle up, down, and towards you to get the latch to engage.  That should give you an idea of which direction you're off.


Up or down may be an indication that the door isnt' hung correctly.  Standing on the in-swing side of the door, close the door and look at the gap between the frame.  Is it consistent all the way around?  Those inconsistencies can be fixed by shimming a hinge.


If you have to pull the door to get it to latch, it means either the latch is in the wrong place or the door is slightly warped.  You can try to reposition the latch but you'll likely need to fill the screw holes in the jamb from the strike.  They also make an adjustable strike.



Posted 2013-06-30T00:08:58+0000  by Adam444

I think you hit on the answer.  I can't stand not knowing why something won't work, so I did some more digging on the web after I posted that and I remember we noticed when the new knob was installed there was an obvious paint line at the top as though this new knob was 1/8 - 1/16" lower than the old one.  I'm betting the strike plate needs to be ground out ever so slightly as all was well until we installed the new lockset.  She lives across town so it may be a day or so before I get back over there to try again, but now I think I will be more successful. 


If the strikeplate adjustment doesn't work, I now have your other suggestions to try.  I knew today was NOT a good day to try to do this, but we did it anyway!  Thanks for your help and hopefully Mama will be happy soon.


Thanks again for your prompt reply,


Posted 2013-06-30T00:53:17+0000  by pattipat
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