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Widen Driveway with Pavers advice

Our side yard along side the driveway is now covered with rocks. The rocks go all the way to the backyard and my wife and I hate it. We called a couple concrete guys for estimates but the numbers were beyond out budget. I would like to remove the rock and put in pavers but need a little advice. I have a few options on this project. The first option is to completely fill the space between my concrete driveway and my neighbor's driveway (which is the property line) with pavers all the way to the backyard. If I do this I was thinking that I may want to use pavers that can take the weight of a car or pickup truck. The second option is to use pavers in the entire space that are lighter duty and forget about parking on it. The third option would be to replace the rock with a path to the backyard and put in planters on either side of the path. My first question is, if I want to widen the driveway for adding a parking space, which pavers would be best? The second question is, for options 1 & 2 is putting in pavers between the concrete a good idea? It seems like it would be but I don't know. The third option is only if we find that the first two options are too expensive. This is the first step to redoing our backyard which is packed full of problems itself so that will be future questions. We just put a tree ring in our front yard with Pavestone Windsor Stones and it came out great. We are encouraged to try bigger projects. Thanks in advance for your help.

Rob & Cindy

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Posted 2012-05-10T15:45:21+0000  by RockyRob RockyRob

Hey RockyRob.


I was looking at your project and here is what I have come up with.


By turning this area into a parking area, you are adding to your expense by now having to dig down more than 1 foot and removing all the soil to then fill it back in with a foot of aggregate and sand which means you will need some kind of Bobcat or small skid steer in order to give the pavers proper footing to prevent sinking from the weight of the vehicle. You will also have to rent a plate compactor, which you will need regardless of whatever pavers you do. There is some added expense with the pavers that are designed for vehicular applications, for they are thicker and designed to hold the weight. Here is my recommendation for pavers in which to drive on. Not all stores have the same products, for it varies on where you live but your store should have something similar.



When working on a limited budget (which has always been my case), you can save a considerable amount of time and money by paving this area with pavers in which to walk on. If the area is not too big then you could save the expense of the Bobcat and go with a more manual labor approach (shovel and rakes), for you would not have to dig nearly as deep or put in nearly as much aggregate. The possibilities for pavers are much larger now that you are not driving on them. And yes, putting pavers here sounds like a fine Idea.


Because I am unsure where you live, I wont put too many recommendations on which pavers to do more than I can assure you that The Home Depot has the right products and know how to get it done. Click here to go to see our selections of pavers online.


Here is also a buying guide that can also shine some more light.


Last but not least, here is a great video from another post I did onhow to prepare for your project.


Thanks for your question and hit me back with any questions that you might have.

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Posted 2012-05-10T17:02:35+0000  by Ingar_HD_ATL

Thanks GreenGiant, I didn't realize how deep a driveway would have to be dug. I will probably end up going with the 3rd option and put more money into the backyard.

Posted 2012-05-11T12:28:13+0000  by RockyRob
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