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Will HomeDepot Cut MDF Board like this?

I am looking to purchase around 5-10 boards of the 4'x8'x.5" MDF Boards. I would need them cut in half into 2 2'x8' boards, then cut them at the 2.5' and 5' mark making 4 2'x2.5' and 2 2'x3' boards. In total it is 3 to 5 cuts per board if done 1 board at a time. Would they cut it out like that for me, or is Lowes the better option for this? All boards would be purchased at HomeDepot and I can give them a day or two to cut it all out if that is requested.
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Posted 2016-02-28T23:24:23+0000  by Regulater Regulater
Most stores are pretty accommodating when it comes to making extra cuts but there may be a small fee for making them.  Try to pick a slower time of the day so that the employees aren't taken away from other customers that may need help.  If possible, offer to help at least move the sheets which weigh somewhere around 60 lbs.  Being helpful usually goes a long way in getting others to help you.

Remember too that the saws used are really only capable of making rough cuts (generally meaning +/- 1/4") although they can be a little better depending on how well the saw is tuned and the skill of the operator.  If you need precise cuts, you'd be better off finding a cabinet or woodworking shop with the right equipment.

Posted 2016-02-29T10:44:37+0000  by Adam444
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