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Will any product cover peeling paint on a wooden deck?

I put True Value porch paint on my outdoor wooden deck. It started to peel so I tried another coat of the same paint. It is peeling worse than before. Tried to sand but could not get all old paint off.



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Posted 2013-05-27T07:01:49+0000  by billruss billruss




A full bodied porch paint is not the best product for a typically constructed deck, especially not an oil based porch paint. Full bodied paints restrict the abiltity of the decking lumber to breathe, letting moisture respire to the environment. The nature of deck construction is such that moisture cannot be totally prevented from getting into the deck boards. Once it moisture has penetrated, it should not be prevented from exiting through the film of deck coating. This is the advantage of solid hide acrylic deck stains, such as those from Behr, they have the ability to let the deck breathe without peeling. If wood cannot breathe, it WILL peel!


You would be well advised to strip the deck back to bare wood. This can be done either through sanding, or stripping with deck stripping chemicals. If sanding, you will want to start with very course sandpaper ( 36 grit) until the paint is gone, and then smooth the lumber with 100 grit paper.


Chemical stripping may be the lesser of the evils. Behr's Deck Stripper will literally dissolve the finish to where the pigment may be washed off with a blast from a pressure washer or water hose. After the pigment has been removed, the deck needs to be treated with Behr's 2 in 1 Deck Cleaner. This will neutralize the caustic residue from the stripper as it brightens the wood back to its original color.


After the deck has dried, Behr's solid hide acrylic deck stain can be applied.  Two light coats of stain are neccessary. The stain is self-priming.


Hope this has helped.

Posted 2013-05-27T20:34:52+0000  by ordjen
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