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Windward IV - flickering lights

I just bought the Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fan with the light kit included. It came with (2) 13watt CFL GU24 bulbs.... I've noticed that when the fan is in the LOW position, the lights flicker... However, they don't flicker when the fan is OFF, or when the fan is in MEDIUM or HIGH... Very weird!  Again, they only flicker when the fan is on LOW.


Any ideas?

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Posted 2012-04-27T04:30:50+0000  by gary1580 gary1580

Sanmi - where did you get your bulbs? Can you provide a link if online?

Posted 2012-05-17T02:35:24+0000  by ultravista

Just a follow up, the dimmable bulbs I purchased did stop the flickering but they were too big for the globe to fit... So I ended up buying some non-dimmable GU24 bulbs that were the same size as the ones that came with the fan and those did not flicker either. So the problem is DEFINITELY with the bulbs that come factory direct with the fan.


Before I replaced the GU24 bulbs, I called, they too also recommended that I swap out the remote receiver. They also said it was on backorder so I ended up returning the fan & swapped it for another one and it still flickered. This further concludes that the problem is with the bulbs that come with the fan.... I'm glad I decided to try changing the light bulbs otherwise I would of had to return the fan.


If you decide to get this fan, make sure to get a different brand of GU24 bulbs than the ones that they came with. You can get them at any hardware store or on Amazon. Just make sure to get a totally different brand than the ones that came with the fan.

Posted 2012-05-25T07:18:43+0000  by gary1580
What phone number did you use to contact Hampton Bay Tech Support? I am trying to figure out a different problem with my light kit, and I don't know who to call for support. Thanks!
Posted 2012-06-03T23:27:16+0000  by DesertRat

Hello DesertRat.


In the other post you made I hope Nicki from THDCustomerCare gave you the information you need.

(Your other post)



In YOUR case, because we know that your fan was manufactured by King of Fans, we gave you that direct number:




In MOST cases, the best bet to start resolving a ceiling fan issue would be to call the Hampton Bay support number as shown below:


Hampton Bay Help.jpg


I hope this helps,




Posted 2012-06-05T12:40:12+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I bought 11 of the Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fans to replace every one of them in my house. I had bought 3 of the original Windwards and installed them in my townhouse. Although I never had any issues with my original Windward, my IV also seems to have flickering lights.


I was able to press the remote to "dim" the bulbs that came with this unit and found that the flickering stopped at 80%. My flickering didn't seem to be effected by the speed of the fans. Out of the 11 I bought, I just installed 3 of them today. So before I install any more, I'll keep an eye on these three before deciding whether or not to install anymore.


BTW... Has anyone tried to install brighter bulbs? If so, did you have any luck? How high were you able to go up?

Posted 2012-07-29T01:43:03+0000  by cpetrou
gary1580, It sounds like the receiver is wired wrong or defective. the blue wire from the fan should only go to the blue wire on the receiver. Also no dimmer on the wall can be used.
Posted 2012-07-30T14:37:33+0000  by Stukas

For anyone else who purchase the Hampton Bay Windward IV 52 in. ceiling fans (UPC # 082392266134) and having flickering light issues, send a copy of your shipping confirmation e-mail / sales receipt to...


FAX: 954-484-7602


They said replacement parts (receiver) would be sent out at no cost.

Posted 2012-07-31T17:29:59+0000  by cpetrou

Hey cpetrou.  Welcome to the Community!


Thank you for sharing the solution you received.


Just to clarify, the e-mail and fax # you listed is for King of Fans, one of a number of ceiling fan manufacturers sold under the Hampton Bay brand.  For fans with a UPC code starting with 082392******, King of Fans can provide customer support.







Posted 2012-07-31T17:42:16+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

Light worked great, then flickered one day and has not worked since.  Checked the wiring and the fan motor runs just fine with the remote.  Replaced both lightbulbs with CFL dimmable and non-dimmable and still not working.  Just got a new receiver from the company and no luck.  Again checked all the wiring from the source all the way to the light kit. 


Any suggestions?  This fan is probably going back.  Too bad because it looks great and is quiet.


Posted 2012-08-05T19:45:47+0000  by cltokc

Just installed the Windward IV today and I have the same problem with flickering light.  It happens on all speeds of fan.  This is absolutely ridiculous that we would have a chronic problem with bulbs in this thing.  I usually shop at Lowe's but thought this fan was a good value. I will try the support numbers listed above but I am already thinking of other options.


I would return it but it's a pain to uninstall and reinstall a whole new fan.  If I exchanged it for the same model I would probably have the same issue!  This really pisses me off. 


In the reviews on the Home Depot Windward IV page a contributor shared bulb options.  He suggested getting a higher watt bulb (18w) but also upgrading the fuse (to 2A).  I may try this.


The dimmable GU24 bulbs on Amazon don't have great reviews so I am leary of buying them.   Also, the remote doesn't dim at all.  It goes from 100% to off.  I don't know how changing the bulb would make a difference in the way the remote works. 


Another option I am considering is converting to LED.  It is a bit expensive but you won't have any flickering issues and they are even more energy efficient.  They do sell LED with GU24 bases but they are pricey.

Posted 2012-09-09T04:18:19+0000  by stuntdummy
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