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Windward IV - flickering lights

I just bought the Hampton Bay Windward IV ceiling fan with the light kit included. It came with (2) 13watt CFL GU24 bulbs.... I've noticed that when the fan is in the LOW position, the lights flicker... However, they don't flicker when the fan is OFF, or when the fan is in MEDIUM or HIGH... Very weird!  Again, they only flicker when the fan is on LOW.


Any ideas?

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Posted 2012-04-27T04:30:50+0000  by gary1580 gary1580

I bought 2 of the Windward IV's to replace fans in the living room, within minutes the first fan's light started to flicker and shortly after popped the fuse.  The electrical contractor that installed it asked for another so we exchanged it and he installed the replacement fan.  That evening the replacement fans' light started flickering and shortly blew the fuse again.    Later that same evening the other fan wouldn't allow for the light to be turned off, so the breaker was set to the "off" position until we could get some professional help.  

The electrician removed the receivers and hardwires the fans to an rheostat to trouble shoot the fans, the second fan needed up popping the fuse as well.  

The fans were returned for a refund and we will avoid the Hampton Bay brand for a while.


Posted 2012-11-25T22:15:39+0000  by Notcool

We purchased a Windward IV ceiling fan in February 2012. It was installed this spring. Like others on this forum, I noticed the lights flickering when the fan was running on low setting. This month, December 2012, the lights would not come on at all. I changed the bulbs but it still did not work. I called the Home Depot Hampton Bay customer service number, 1-800-654-0688, and spoke with Roy at extension 76302. He stayed on the phone with me while he connected me to the King of Fans customer service # 1-800-330-3247. I explained the issue to the representative (Cathy). Of course, she agreed that I needed a new receiver and, of course, it was on back order until February, AFTER my warranty period ends. With Roy on the phone, I asked Cathy for assurance that I would not have to pay for the replacement receiver if it comes in after the warranty period ends. She said yes but I told her I want it in writing. I specifically said I want an email with company identifying information and a name and stating that I would not be responsible for paying for a new receiver. This is the email she sent me:


Cathy CS
12:26 PM (36 minutes ago)
to me


Hi kal7131
 the reciever is on backorder"
THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND NOT WHAT I ASKED HER TO DO. NOWHERE DOES IT SAY THE COMPANY NAME, A REPRESENTATIVE'S NAME, OR THAT I WOULD NOT BE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYING FOR A NEW RECEIVER TO REPLACE THE DEFECTIVE ONE THAT CAME WITH THIS FAN. Before I got off the phone with Roy, he told me "in a worst case scenario, if King of Fans wanted me to pay for the receiver, he would personally send me a Home Depot gift card for the amount". I don't want a Home Depot gift card that I cannot use to pay for a new receiver. I want a FREE new receiver to replace the DEFECTIVE  receiver that came with this fan. My advice:  DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.
Posted 2012-12-26T21:10:29+0000  by kal536
Addendum: Roy, who is very helpful, sent me an email specifically saying that I would not be responsible for paying for a receiver that arrives after the warranty period. Thank you Roy! I hope the new receiver works and this is the end of the issue because I really like the fan.
Posted 2012-12-26T21:27:11+0000  by kal536

I wish I had seen this thread before buying.  I have had a very similar issue with the Windward IV.  However with my unit, th first one I bought worked OK for the first two weeks and then the lights would turn on for 2 seconds and shut off.  I then killed another Sunday swapping bulbs and then changed out the whole unit, only to have the EXACT problem with the new fan. 


Today, my last ditch effort was that in the manual they had indiated that you can not "overlamp" the sockets.  I figured maybe the circuit is too sensitive and shutting down the lights thinking they're being overlampped.  So I removed the 13W bulbs and put in two new 9W GU24s.  No luck, same problem.  The lights stay on for a few minuts, then shut off.

I will now concede defete and return this fan.  Unfortunate since the look is nice, and the fan is OK too.  The light just does NOT work and Hampton Bay seems to be clued out to the problem.  Too bad I can't bill someone for my lost time installing and troubleshooting this piece of junk.

Save yourself the headache.  Do not get this fan.  May be safe to avoid the brand all together.  I heard Hunter is better.

Posted 2013-01-10T02:23:58+0000  by sh111
Still have not gotten the replacement receiver. It is now mid March. I encourage anyone who is having this same issue to file a complaint against King of Fans on the Better Business Bureau's web site. Here is the link: Perhaps if the company gets enough complaints, they will stop selling this defective product.
Posted 2013-03-13T16:53:43+0000  by kal536
I called support about this same issue regarding this fan and after 30 min on the phone they put me on with a electrician and he determined that the light kit needed to replace while the support person was on the phone.  the support person said they would send me a  new light kit . Then supposedly a supervisor decided to send me a fuse instead. I said to her I already change the fuse twice and pretty sure that the fuse she wants to send me will probably blow to . Today I received a fuse in the mail. I replace the fuse with little confidence that  will resolve the issue.  And once again the fuse blew. What was the purpose on them have a electrician on the line to diagnose the problem. I been shopping with home depot for at least 25 years, have to say I am very disappointed.
Posted 2015-05-20T23:08:48+0000  by dondoit
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