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Winter Vegetable Gardening Tips


In most areas, fall preparation for gardening means pulling up or just rototilling in your old garden plants and amending your soil for spring planting.  For some of us who live in the warmer planting zones, we can look forward to a new crop of tomatoes, lettuce, egg plants and even some peppers.


In those areas, Bonnie plants provide a great selection of Cherry Tomatoes as well as Early Girl, the delicious Black Krim, Lemon Boy, Big Beef as well as Goliath, German Johnson, Red Beefsteak and Brandywine.


The challenge to winter planting is the soil temperature.  To keep your soil warmer, you will need to have them planted in a larger black pot similar to the nursery pots.  I like to use the #15 nursery pots so that my tomatoes have plenty of room to expand their root system.  



Just having your potted veggies in the full sun may not be enough though. Depending on your night time temperatures or by being too close to the coast with the cooler damp breezes, it may prevent your potted vegetables from flowering and producing fruit.


Some of your winter planting may be a trial and error method to see what will grow well in your particular area.  Very location will have “Micro Climates” where the temperature may vary significantly from the local weather broadcast heard for your area on TV or Radio. 


I have noticed this in my area over the last 25 years.  You can even have a micro climate from your own backyard to your front yard depending on how your property is setup i.e. walls, trees, grass, flower beds etc.  Being about 10 miles from the beach does have its benefits though.  The daytime temperatures are generally mild and in the 70’s and 80’s and there is usually a nice cooling breeze starting about 2-3 PM in the afternoon making it a great environment to grow some winter vegetables.


My area can get rather cold in December and January though.  One winter a few years ago, we had close to freezing temperatures forecast for our area.  I did not cover my winter tomatoes up and lost all six of them to frostbite because I forgot to put a sheet over them.  The temperature got down to 25 F in my backyard! Bummer!


Be sure to send in pictures and comments of your winter garden projects to our community at:


Please let us know if you have any questions.



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