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Wiring a hampton bay bathroom exhust fan and light combination.

I have installed several fans, none like this one.    Hampton bay-  Item # 249-872  , Model # VFB25ACLED1-5


I want to turn on the fan and light at the same time using one  switch.   I have 12-2 wire to the fan box. one black , one white and ground.   The fan box has seven (7) wires,  Black- ( L) , White- (N), Gr.- Ground,  Blue- Light,  Brown-Fan,

Red- n light,  and yellow- common.


The installation instructions are totally inadquate.  I had a electrian look at the wiring diagram, he said it was confusing.

I have tried several combinations, light works, but the fan does not,  one of the many combinations the fan worked for about 45 sec. then stopped.   breaker was not tripped.


How can this fan be wired to turn both fan and light on at the same time?  What is the yellow common wire for?


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Posted 2013-02-26T01:31:39+0000  by ezziegirl ezziegirl
Right on the money! They could go a long way to help us out by including several real-world wiring examples for retrofit. Three hours into making this darn thing fit/work and now I get to take it out and find another. Likely on my dime!
Posted 2014-01-19T17:22:13+0000  by labdad


This is very helpful.  Can you tell me how to reuse the quick connectors for the wiring on this same unit?  The manual says they are reusable, but i tried the tabs and can't seem to get them to release.


Thanks, in adance.



Posted 2013-11-13T00:02:58+0000  by nukeit6

DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT TO REPLACE AN EXISTING UNIT!!!  I've never been so frustrated and disappointed with a Home Depot product.  First, the cut-out dimensions are wrong, resulting in a hole equal to the size of the mounting flanges rather than the housing w/o the flanges.  Second, nowhere on or in the box does it say that this unit requires a 120v power supply, but low voltage (DC) switching.  Even the wiring diagram fails to mention the low voltage switching, which likely explains why the things fail after someone connects this to 120v switching.  So, I've paid a premium price, spent 90 minutes in a hot attic, cut a hole too large, and can't use my existing wiring to complete the installation.  Returning the product is a less than satisfying solution.

Posted 2013-09-14T21:08:19+0000  by Brofish17

I am having the same frustration with this unit as 911_in_SC and mmmmFoundation.  12-3 coming from two switches that controlled a pre-existing light and fan (not HB model) separately.  Now, I have 4 wires trying to feed this 7 wire unit.  We won't be using the night light either.  There has got to be a quick way to hook this up.  I have tried the combinations that seemed logical, but with ac/dc, what is the answer please?

Posted 2013-08-15T00:58:31+0000  by WesGRRR
I have the same situation except one 12-3 cable coming up from two switches in the bathroom. One switch for the fan and one for the light. Is there a way for me to use the existing wiring and both switches with this unit?
Posted 2013-05-11T13:34:25+0000  by mmmmpm
Anyone? This was mentioned in the first response, about wiring so that the components functioned independently. However, it wasn't explained how to wire it. I would like to control the fan with one switch and the light with the other. I am at a loss. I've tried wiring the black wire to the unit and then to the light, and that didn't work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Again, I have a 12-3 (red, black, white green) going to the unit from the switches.

Posted 2013-04-29T13:45:17+0000  by 911_in_SC
I have 12- 3 wiring for the same fan configuration. I originally thought I could connect the black to black, and then the blue (light) to one switch and then the yellow wire to the red wire, along with the Brown (fan) wire. I will not be using the red (night light). However this did not work. Only the component connected to the yellow wire works. How can I wire the existing 12-3 to the unit to control the fan and light independently?
Posted 2013-04-29T02:00:06+0000  by 911_in_SC

Hello Barefootn.  Welcome to the Community!


Without a schematic I can't tell you what the 24 volt DC side is referenced to.  In most, but not all cases you should be able to use the chassis as the eventual ground for the DC circuit,  When you measure the voltage though even with a working unit the potential DC difference may not be 24V at the chassis though.  There should be some voltage potential between the Yellow DC power out and the chassis ground however, and this could be one way to find out if the power supply is working or not.


In any case I think this is a moot point.  If you know that there is AC line voltage into the unit and it has been properly wired then the simple fact is that this unit does not work.  Even if you mixed up the low voltage wiring at least one of the 3 operations would run when switched on.  Yes, given that none of the 3 DC circuits operate it sounds like the power supply inverter is defective since the odds of both lights and a fan motor being bad in the same unit are astronomical.  Rather than troubleshoot I would just exchange it for one that has not been opened.






Posted 2013-03-05T18:23:30+0000  by Chris_HD_CHI

I just purchased 2 of these fans as replacements.  I installed the first one using low voltage sprinkler wire and a Cooper 3-function rocker switch.  Nothing works.  I've verified I have line voltage to the unit, the low voltage wiring is intact, the switch is functioning.  One thing about this unit is the box was opened, but it didn't look like it had been installed.  How do I troubleshoot this thing?  I've tried measuring the common lead for 24v, but what is the other side of the circuit?

Posted 2013-03-03T16:34:12+0000  by Barefootn

Thanks Chris!   Execllant Reply.......


We (the wife and I)had discussed a mechanical spring loaded count-down timer for the fan connection - not our favorate, but....     As stated we already bought the unit - and have the USE AND CARE GUIDE hardcopy.   I'm embarrsed to admit I missed the note about solid-state control devices. Thanks for being there with the answers....


Posted 2013-03-02T04:05:12+0000  by wilobe
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