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Wiring cavity for under pavers


I am paving a patio and want to run wiring under it that would provide lighting and power outlets at different places in the patio. I am looking for approx. 35 ft wiring cavity that can be laid under the pavers along the edge of the patio and can have holes at different points for the lights/outlets connection. The patio is semi-circular so will need something that can bend or is angular. Your advise is much appreciated.
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Posted 2018-08-29T16:29:35+0000  by Sunita Sunita

Depending on what look you are going for, low voltage landscape lighting is generally pretty easy for a homeowner to install.  Because the lights run at 12v DC, the cable can generally be run anywhere.

If you want line voltage lights and/or receptacles there are several ways to accomplish what you want to do but your options are limited to those wiring methods allowed by your local building codes.  You would want try to plan ahead for locations of lighting or receptacles so that the rough wiring can before the patio is laid.  You wouldn’t leave a “cavity” but rather run suitable electrical cable (e.g., type UF-B) to each location or rigid conduit (either plastic or metal).  All terminations would need to be made in an approved junction box.  There are also rules that must be followed regarding the depth of the cable or conduit.  The circuit would also need to be GFCI protected.

I suggest that you draw up a sketch of your proposed patio, with dimensions, indicating where you want lights and/or receptacles.  Then contact several local, licensed electricians for estimates.  You will likely need to pull a permit and have the work inspected.

Posted 2018-08-29T22:11:23+0000  by Adam444

Hey Sunita,

Thanks for your question and welcome to the community.

From what you are requesting, it looks as if you are wanting to install line voltage (120V) wiring to power up future lights and receptacles. 

While you can use 14 or 12 gauge Romex UF (underground non-metallic cable) buried at a suitable depth (local codes will dictate that for you), it's best to place it in a flexible non-metallic covering, such as the Liquidtite brand. 

This is your best option to not only get flexibility, but with watertight connections, you can also obtain a weatherproof seal when the wires enter each junction box for lights and receptacles. It's a great way to get the wires where you need them and safely do so.

As Adam444 suggested, consult a licensed electrician in your area as well as a minimum a rough doodle of where you want things to be placed and how from the power source.

Proper planning now means less issues further down the road for any maintenance or upgrades.

Let us know if you have any additional questions,


Posted 2018-08-29T22:44:43+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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