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With what kind of adhesive can I affix metal to a granite backsplash?

I want to affix a metal bar to my granite backsplash without drilling and screwing.  The surface area of the butt-end of the metal fixture is relatively small but not unmanagable.  I am looking for a strong adhesive to affix the fixture to the granite backsplash that will not stain or damage the granite and that can be cleaned up around the fixture to give a nice polished appearance.  It would also be nice if it could be removed, but this is not necessary.


I am thinking along the lines of silicone.

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Posted 2013-11-16T22:13:34+0000  by ianrking ianrking

Hey ianrking,


Thanks for your question and welcome to the community!


You are correct in thinking about silicone. However, most of them act as a sealant and not an adhesive. However, the one shown and linked below works great for all types of projects where you need a good hold.

liquid nails clear projects adhesive.JPG


While I can't guarantee how this will affect the granite (especially if it isn't sealed properly), my advice would be to try a small area first to ensure how it will work.


It has a fairly quick drying time, but enough so you can easily work with it. I recommend this type of glue because I actually own a bottle of it myself and its my favorite glue to use! I've used it on a broken porcelain heirloom and fastening wood trim to metal.


It works very well, try it out yourself to see if it will work for you.


Please let me know if this has assisted you, and we'll be here if you have any additional questions,


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Posted 2013-11-16T22:50:05+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL



Thanks so much for your reply.  I think that is what I will go with.  Do you think the surfaces below will provide enough area to get a good bond? (I'm not holding up much:  just a few spices, cooking utensils, etc.  There will be three of these along the length of a 1.2 meter bar).


post 1.JPG


If if were to affect the granite surface adversely, should it be quickly apparant, or will it be be something that takes more time.  Luckily, the granite is very dark (nearly black).  The surface is polished, but i can feel some pockets.


You've assisted me a great deal.  Thanks so much!

Posted 2013-11-16T22:56:31+0000  by ianrking

You are quite welcome.


Well.....the glue is good for bonding items to each other, as for it actually holding kitchen sundries...that can be a different matter.

However as I stated earlier, try a small amount to see if it will work for holding up the weight. The bond itself isn't the issue, the support of it holding weight can be a different matter.


The image you uploaded greatly helps in seeing what we are dealing with. For having it as a spice rack (I thought you were using it as simply a metal bar), you can start off with the silicone, but you may have to graduate to something a little more stronger like Liquid Nails' Granite and Marble adhesive.


Just try out the silicone first. If anything, you are not wasting money on this actually works for lots of adhesive projects around the home.


In either way, closely make sure no discoloration will occur from it coming in contact with the granite. As stated earlier, making sure the granite is sealed can greatly assist in this.




Posted 2013-11-16T23:17:35+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL
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