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Wood Carving

what is the best way to carve a design out in wood?  What tools are required?

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Posted 2010-11-26T02:32:24+0000  by Inellalexander Inellalexander

Hi Inellalexander, welcome to our community !


Travis here from The Home Depot in Atlanta.


Tools used in wood carving seem to vary as much as the carvings themselves. You have many to choose from. I can remember watching that guy carve a Grizzly Bear from a tree trunk with a chainsaw  way back when I was a kid. I guess that's one way to carve wood !


Here's some more tools for wood carving:


hand carving tools give you great detail. Good for finishing the design. carvers.jpg


Wood chisels work more quickly, displacing more wood, but with less detail. wood chisels.jpg


Sometimes a motorized tool is the right tool. This Dremel tool is a woodworker's dream. 4000.jpg


For larger projects, a larger motor may be necessary. There are so many router bits available, it could make your head spin.


Click on these links to determine the best tools for your project.


I hope this helped make woodworking even more fun at your house !


Thanks for asking.





Posted 2010-11-26T20:16:26+0000  by Travis_HD_ATL

Hi, I was wondering if you knew where there were any free demonstrations or lessons on wood carving basics

Posted 2011-03-27T16:39:19+0000  by maddieu

Hello Maddieu, and welcome to our community!


Wood carving is a great hobby, I used to do Chip Carving years ago, and I eventually moved on to other woodworking hobbies that I have more fun with such as Pen making. When I visiting my local WoodCraft store on a Saturday several years ago, here in Illinois, they were having a demo on Chip Carving, so I watched, listened, and thought I could do that.


WoodCraft is a great woodworkers store, aside from having free demostrations from time-to-time, they also have classes that you can sign-up for, but these are not free. Not sure what part of the country you are located, you can click Here to go to the site and find a store, class, or demo in your area.


Here are just some of the classes coming up... 2011-3-31 9-7-48.png

Posted 2011-03-31T14:23:30+0000  by Angelo_HD_CHI

In mid July there is a carving class at Wheeler Farm.  I make antique cars and I would be happy to share some ideas with you.

Posted 2011-06-14T11:32:08+0000  by barryg

Hey barryg,


Thanks for joining the community! We would love to see any pictures or comments you have about wood carving demos that you'll be seeing and doing!


I've taken several printmaking classes in college, and my intro printmaking class we used the carving tools that LawnRanger showed in his post above.


I did a 2-color wood block print and used the traditional tools; but to fine tune and also get deeper gouges out of the block, I used a Dremel combo kit as well...


I have to tell you, the Dremel saved me time and saved my wrists! It came out great, and it goes to show you can use traditional tools alongside modern techniques as well to get you a truly unique look, below is one of them that rolled off the printing press....

the exchange.JPG



Posted 2011-06-17T13:48:00+0000  by Joseph_HD_ATL


My dear following are the tools required for wood carving:

1.Carving Knives(Carving Knife used to round a corner of a piece of wood)

2.V-Tool used to part lines and cut V shaped channels

I think your are interested to do.AM i right?

Posted 2011-08-04T11:00:10+0000  by Ramsey33

I'm a wood whittler, using knives and gouges and I do power carving using Dremel tools for rough-outs and finishing.

I suggest you search for a local wood carving club. Our clubs help beginner's with tool selection, offer used tools and provide classes. Also go online to u-tube to see demo's and search for other " wood carving" tools. Good Luck

Posted 2011-08-21T13:58:20+0000  by carverjack
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