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Wood Siding Treatment

What are some alternative ways to paint, stain, or treat interior wood siding? I'd like to keep the siding, but give it an updated look. Are there any painting or staining techniques that differ from just primer and a coat of paint?
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Posted 2013-11-21T05:35:07+0000  by mo510 mo510

Hello mo510!


You absolutely have several options ... depending upon the condition of your existing siding.



Stains are penetrating sealers and must be able to touch the surface of the wood to absorb.


Assuming you have wood siding and your siding is not coated with paint or polyurethane, any of the stains we sell will work.


Almost all of the MinWax and Varathane stains are labeled, "For Interior Use Only."


Since your siding is indoors, you should be able to use any of these ... if the siding is wood and if the wood is exposed.



Almost all of the deck and siding stains from Behr, Flood, etc. would be useful on your siding ... once again, if the surface of the wood siding is exposed.



Paints are surface coatings and either include primer or require primer be applied as a base coat.


As long as your surfaces are clean and free of debris, paint may be used in the color and sheen of your choice.



Another Community Member, JackieG, requested help creating the visual appeal of a "Lakeside Beach" in her bathroom. In particular, she asked how to create "weathered dock boards."


Click the link and then scroll down to read the ideas we shared to create her unique project.


If you have specific ideas, write back and we'll try to help develop them further.

Pat InPaint

Posted 2013-11-21T14:22:05+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL


I would only caution against using some of the oil based exterior products indoors. Specifically, products like Sikkens have an intence alkyd smell which lingers for some time. It is also sky high in VOC's. I used Sikkens on the deck at my last house and had to keep the windows shut on that side of the house for a couple days due to the smell. I would also say that Sikkens held up great on that deck, the best of any product I had used over the 25 year life of that deck.

Posted 2013-11-21T16:59:58+0000  by ordjen
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