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Wood flooring layout

Installing millstead  click lock flooring in 18 x 12 room, with hallway off the short side.  I would like to lay the flooring with the long wall, but have a patio door that makes the width a 1.5" wider.  That would require me to have less then two inch zoard along the wall where the patio door is.  Should I lay the floor the short direction or use a transition.  If transition how to a fit the transition around the door jam?

When transition from wood to another floor what is the limit of height difference to use a T-molding (3/8" diff ok)?

The hallway goes past a down stair case, should the wood plank be parallel or horizontal to stair case?  I have a stair case molding, but do not understand how the flooring should float under it, does it require a additional transition?

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Posted 2015-08-20T16:01:49+0000  by Jimb Jimb
For the patio door, just trim (rip) the starter pieces on the opposite wall so that you get 2" at the door.  If you're measurements are accurate, rip off about 3/4".  That would give you 2 1/4" or so for the last piece at the door.  You also want to consider that hallway opening, make sure you don't end up with any small pieces there.  Sometimes it is easier and more accurate to lay out the floor with the actual planks rather than measuring and doing the math.

For a hallway, the boards would typically run in the long direction. 

There are usually several kind of transition strips available, all should list the "offset" they will work for. 

Can you give the SKU or product number of the "staircase moulding" so I can see exactly what you're talking about.
Posted 2015-08-21T02:13:34+0000  by Adam444
The SKU for the Flush Mount Stair Nose is 1000-986-534.

If I rip the opposite side to get around 2inch, equal size on each side would be 2 7/16 inch, but the rest of the wall on the patio sidie is a inch shorter, so the boards then would be less then 2inch wide.

Posted 2015-08-23T23:18:05+0000  by Jimb
Could you rip more off the starter course on the wall opposite the patio door so that you get, say, 3" at the door and 2" along the wall?  It may not be possible to get it perfect.  If you end up with a narrow piece, then you want to put that in as hidden of an area as possible and way from foot traffic.

What material are you stairs now?  Painted/stained wood, carpet, etc?  Are you planning on doing something to the stairs too?

Posted 2015-08-23T23:42:24+0000  by Adam444
The wood floor is top of the stairs, with the first down step having carpet running, so the stairs nose is just over wood.
Posted 2015-08-25T02:05:24+0000  by Jimb
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