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Wooden Hanging Planter Basket

If you like having things that start conversations than this project is for you. It’s really unique and very different than anything you can purchase. I think all of the opening in between each piece really catches your eye and makes you inspect it even more to try and figure out how it’s made.

The cost to make it is approximately $30. That’s if you don’t have any of the supplies laying around the shop. You may have more of the supplies laying around than you think. I would have only had to purchase the Coco Mat and flowers. I have plenty of scrap 2x4’s and other materials laying around my shop and in my tool boxes.

Now let’s get to the fun stuff. Building.



Safety Glasses



Measuring Tape



Brush for the glue

Compound Miter Saw

Nail Gun

Air Compressor



Wood glue


2 - Eye hooks (1 pack)

1’ - Chain

1 - ¾” Brad Nails

1 - 2”x4”x10’

1 - Molded Coco Liner

Small amount of soil

Flowers **I used 3 (8 pack) Vincas 


Alright now that you have all of your tools and materials together were ready to get started.


1. Set up your miter saw. Measure ½” from the blade and clamp a stop block to the fence. This will insure all of the pieces are the same thickness.

2. Cut 137 - ½” thick pieces from the 2” x 4”. I cut a few more than that because I found that some of them had knots so I didn’t want to use them for my basket. Sand any rough edges caused by the saw. They don’t have to be completely smooth just no splinters sticking out.

3. First draw a 19” circle on your work surface or tape down paper to draw it on. Using a piece of string, tie a loop on both ends so that it measures 9.5” when you insert a pencil in one loop and a nail in the other. Mark the center of your surface/paper and hold the nail there and move the pencil all the way around to draw a 19” circle.

4. Row one place 11 pieces evenly around the circle then for row two place 11 more to fill the gaps. Once you’re happy with the spacing it’s time to glue and nail all the pieces together. I chose to use a brush to apply the glue that I put into a small container. Then I used my nail gun to put one ¾” brad nail in each end.

5. The third row I used 10 pieces leaving one open space at the top. This will start to create a stair step effect. Glue and nail those pieces together. **Notice in the picture at the top where the piece is missing it only has one piece this will end up being the handle.

6. The fourth row only uses 9 pieces. This will continue the stair step effect.

7. Starting with the fifth row you’re going to do things a little differently. The fifth row has 8 pieces. The first and last piece (from the top) will be attached like all the previous ones. Then the ones next to them one side is on and one side is half off the previous row. All of the pieces in between will only have the bottom half touching the previous row. This will start to create the shape of the basket.

8. There are a total of 10 rows. Rows 5 through 10 use one less piece than the previous row. All row being done as described in step #7. With one side of the basket complete flip it over and repeat all the same steps except row one. Both sides share row one so you start the second side with row two.

Once all 19 rows are complete it should look like this.

In order to distribute the weight a little better the screw eyes are put in the pieces just outside the top handle. Mark and then predrill the hole for the screw eyes. This will keep the wood from splitting. 

Now is the time to figure if you’re going to leave the wood like it is and just seal it or if you’re going to paint it. I chose to leave it natural and just seal it.


After the finish is done drying its time to add the hanging hardware. Screw both screw eyes in the predrilled holes. Now use 2 pairs of pliers to open the first link on the end of the chain and attach it to one of the screw eyes by closing the link around it. Do the same to the other side.

Time to add color to it. Lay the Coco Liner in it and trim it to fit. I added a little bit of soil in the bottom and then arranged all of my Vincas till I was happy with how it looked.

This was a very fun project to build and it didn’t break the bank either.

** I would not suggest trying to use a hammer and nails for this project due to the size of the pieces and the shape of the project.

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