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Wooden Paneling

     We bought a house that had wooden paneling in the living room that I hate!  They nailed and glued down the paneling, so in order to get rid of it, I would have to most likely dry wall it again.  For cost saving purposes are there ways to make the wood paneling look more attractive or look more sophisticated?

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Posted 2013-12-17T02:17:57+0000  by emilyfulkerson1 emilyfulkerson1



The most cost effective alterntive is to simply prime and paint the paneling. It is easy to "OD" on paneling, especailly if it is a darker color. Additional interest can be had by glazing over the paint and giving it a subtle striation with a stiff brush or wisk broom.  As a painting cntractor, I did many such treatments in paneled family rooms with dark 1960's paneling.


Alternately, you might want to remove a section of paneling to see what is involved with totally removing  it. Most building codes would require paneling to be backed with drywall. Nail holes and mastic dabs and squiggles can actually be farely easily patched. The secret to getting mastic off drywall  is to simply score the drywall around it deeply enough to cut the white outer layer of drywall paper. The paper is then peeled back revealing the brown, pulpy underlying paper. This paper is then sealed down with an oil based primer to glue down the pulp. Finallly, it is topped off with a couple layers of drywall mud, sanded, then primed.


You won't know until you check it out. Years ago I removed some dark walnut paneling from my family room walls and was delighted to find that the drywall had been completely taped  and sanded, although not primed. The paneling had only been tacked on and not even glued!


Just a few ideas as to possibilities.

Posted 2013-12-17T04:25:35+0000  by ordjen
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