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Wooden truck bed

I have a 1977 ford truck bed that is really rusty and I was wondering if y'all could help me with this project I figured I could use 2x6s (3) for the lateral portion of the bed and either 8 10 or 12 in wide by 2 in thick boards to go on top long ways depending on the width of the truck but my problem is the walls I would like the walls to be about 1 1/2 ft at most for the three wall no tailgate needed but I want it sturdy and strong any ideas all inputs won't be ignored unless stupid lol thank you for your inputs
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Posted 2012-02-23T04:43:43+0000  by Cjdaddy Cjdaddy

WOW CJDaddy!


What a great project.


Carriage bolts got their name from holding the carriage to the chassis ... in your project, you'll find that carriage-style bolts hold the bed onto the frame of your truck.


In truck renovation circles, this repair is a common part of restoration of vintage trucks.


The framing devices used to support the wood bed are attached to the metal frame.


Original construction of wood beds most often used a metal channel between each set of boards to secure and protect the sides of the boards from damage. These channels also attached to the frame underneath and provided a "skid plate" on which materials slide when loaded.


My main concern about your project is the idea of swapping a wood frame for the original metal frame between the bed and the chassis of the truck. This may not be safe.


If you investigate the construction of your truck bed, you'll likely find that the bed can be removed, the rust cut out, and the bed replaced with hardwood boards ... keeping the metal supports from original construction.


The Home Depot does not specialize in this type renovation, but you'll find supplies for just such a project are available through local and online vehicle renovation vendors. Try a Google search for "wooden truck beds."


The specialized supplies you'll find at these vendors will include hardened steel carriage bolts, intended for automotive applications. You'll even find kits complete with the wood and fasteners needed to safely complete your project.


Supplies at The Home Depot most often meet the requirements for home construction, but not automotive applications.


Good Luck! And when you get that truck bed installed, please post a photo so we can see your handy work!


NOTE: Aircraft supply depots will have case hardened bolts designed to handle the stress and torsion exerted by vehicles in constant motion.

Posted 2012-02-23T18:55:37+0000  by Pat_HD_ATL
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