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hello everyone


i work as maintence repair at a resturant and i enjoy the work. i also like to keep myself busy during the days i have off. 

i like to make side projects and build things with any material. i mean i like to learn how to build with anything. im pretty good at some and decent at others, but right now i am getting into woodworking. sheds and tables and dressers for now. but i have a hard time finding a comprehensive list or instrustions... until recently that is. i found a great guide to many things and am having a blast going over it and making whats on it. not that i can make a lot at a time but a couple for now. i want to share this because i think its the best list and directions on many many how to guides.


it really is amazing. i recomend taking time to at least read this home page. there are a lot of cool things in there. thanks everyone for listening to me and hope you all enjoy this as much as i do!!! 

Alex S

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Posted 2012-09-07T23:04:30+0000  by swifty1331 swifty1331

This is just an advertisement. There are plenty of free, high quality sites out there for plans for just about any woodworking project.

Posted 2012-09-08T19:29:54+0000  by Paul

Doing a job of woodworking in the spair time is a good thing to do. But there should not be any type of mistakes during the woodwork. A little mistake can make your work bad and it will not be a good thing for you.







timber fencing

Posted 2012-11-21T08:05:35+0000  by jessicamathew12
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