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Building Materials

Work Bench

What type lumber should I use to build a work bench ?

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Posted 2013-11-09T13:44:11+0000  by riccowb1 riccowb1

If you're talking about a traditional woodworker's bench, hard maple is a good choice.  The Europeans use beech but you're not going to find that at Home Depot.



If you're looking for a more general purpose, maybe DIY kind of bench, then you can use ordinary construction grade lumber.  One good trick is to use a solid core door slab for the top.  They're dimensionally stable, reasonably durable, heavy, and inexpensive.  If you look a bit, you can sometimes find them on Craigslist or at yard sales for a fraction of retail.  Top it with a "wear layer" of plwyood, hard board, or MDF that can be changed out after a few years.  


Personally I like an enclosed base (think cabinet).  It just helps make for a neater appearance in the shop.


This is a simple frame that can be made from construction lumber.  Add a top, sheath the sides, add doors, maybe a small shelf, and you're good to go.  You can adjust the size to fit you needs.


Posted 2013-11-09T15:13:33+0000  by Adam444
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