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Work Gear

Gift Ideas

Being productive and loving your job, go hand in hand! Working in the elements is challenging and sometimes test your endurance, which makes it hard to be productive, and even questions the love of the job. Being prepared for any whether conditions is the key to job survival when working outside.

The Home Depot deals with contractors, painters, and landscapers all day long all of whom are susceptible to the elements. Weather dictates the turnout of a day’s progress on a job site, not being prepared for a switch in the weather can break deadlines, and ultimately cost money.

An investment in work gear is an investment that will payback a million times over, a gift of dependable work gear is a gift that keeps on giving! Nineteen years ago, my son gave me a winter parka for working outside at The Home Depot, up until that year I struggled to stay warm during Christmas tree season and all the additional days that I needed to work outside. The red parka my son gave me has down filling with a faux fur trimmed hood; it is an old and glorious jacket, very much tattered and aged with seasonal sap, but still the warmest piece of clothing that I own. Every year when I break out that winter parka, I thank my son and I can rest assured that the elements will not get to me, it is an invaluable piece of work gear, and a very thoughtful gift that just keeps on giving!

The Home Depot offers a wide variety of working gear on line, all of which have trusted, recognizable brands that stand for quality and endurance! Everything from gloves to heated jackets, hats, helmets and knee pads, clothing that offers warmth with seasonal adaptability and that are trade specific. Ear protection, eye protection and tool belts are all available; some of these products are available in store, all are available on

I just pre-treated the seasonal sap stains and washed my big red parka, of course, the sap did not come out; but it just adds to the patina and the history of the jacket. A needle and thread was needed to reattach a Velcro strap on the cuff closure; I cannot imagine how many times the cuffs have been opened and closed over the nineteen years of wear and (literally) tear!

My son Ben was about nineteen years old when he gave me that jacket for Christmas, such a thoughtful, toasty gift that I truly cherish. I am thankful every time I put the parka on; it is like a big, warm hug from him!

Choose a caring thoughtful gift, a gift of warmth, comfort, endurance and safety, or give a Home Depot gift card with a link to the work gear pages and let them choose from the unlimited items to make their job easier, safer and warmer.

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to All,


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