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Would it be possible to color match based off a computer color?

Is it possible for home depot to match based on a computer color? I wondering what range of colors home depot's machines can match. Would it be possible for example to provide an associate with R:256 G:0 B:256 and have them produce a color off of that? And what precision levels could I expect from that? Thanks in advance!

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Posted 2013-08-05T16:55:41+0000  by ViableColor ViableColor

Unfortunately those RGB numbers will not translate directly as a color.  We will however, be able to computer match the actual color of that RGB sequence if you provide an example.


 The example should be in an actual color sample - not a computer resolution. Anything larger than the size of the bottom of a cup.

Posted 2013-08-05T17:50:11+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL

Is there a range of colors that home depot can't capture? How close a match can I expect?

Posted 2013-08-05T18:00:31+0000  by ViableColor

Also why can't a computer color be translated into a paint color? I mean, all paint colors would have corolating RGB levels wouldnt they?

Posted 2013-08-05T18:12:21+0000  by ViableColor

Our computer matching system is not geared up for "print" type colors like most RGB numbers represent.  Also, paints are not able to be mixed in extreme primary colors like print ink can be.  Just bring the color sample into your Home Depot and ask the associate to match it and see what product will work (start with BEHR ULTRA).  


You may also go to an online site like Color Converter and punch in your numbers to see if it comes up on the screen.  Then print it out and bring that in to the paint counter.

Posted 2013-08-05T18:40:44+0000  by Kevin_HD_ATL
I know this comment is a few years late.  But, what Kevin_HD_ATL may not understand is that the device in the store that measures the actual color sample is in itself a small digital camera that measures the color of the sample in RGB.  RGB is what is sent from the camera to the paint software system.  So, yes, in theory if the paint software system had somewhere where you could type in the RGB value itself, then the paint matching system could come up with a paint tint scheme that was close to the RGB value given.  It may not be able to match it exactly, like that fancy color laser printer that cannot match all your fabulous screen colors, but it should be able to come up with a reasonable match given that the paint tints involve many more available colors than the Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black that most printers have.  I would be really surprised if the manual entry system did not have an RGB field available.  I'm going off to my local Home Depot in the morning to talk directly to a paint expert and see what information is now available ...
Posted 2017-02-01T04:16:01+0000  by AndreH
Also, if you go to most paint manufacturer's websites, and look at their paint colors, they often list them in various coding schemes, including RGB.  

Posted 2017-02-01T04:18:07+0000  by AndreH
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